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The Allures 45.9 is a modern, comfortable, and seaworthy cruising yacht designed for long-distance voyages. It is built with an aluminum hull and a composite deck, making it strong, durable, and lightweight. The boat has a lifting keel, twin rudders, and a spacious interior with plenty of storage space and comfortable accommodations for up to four people.

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Quick Take

The Allures 45.9/45.9S is a modern, comfortable, and seaworthy cruising yacht designed for long-distance voyages. It is built with an aluminum hull and a composite deck, which makes it strong, durable, and lightweight. The boat has a lifting keel, which allows it to access shallow anchorages, and twin rudders for stability and control. The interior is spacious and well-appointed, with plenty of storage space and comfortable accommodations for up to four people. The exterior is sleek and stylish, with a large cockpit for easy sailing and a spacious deck for sunbathing or lounging.

The Allures 45.9/45.9S is available in a variety of customization options, including different layouts, rigging, and equipment packages. The boat is also available in a S version, which has a slightly longer waterline and a more powerful rig.

The Allures 45.9/45.9S is a versatile and capable cruising yacht that is perfect for couples or small families who want to explore the world. It is a comfortable and safe boat that is easy to sail, and it is available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of different owners.

Here are some additional details about the Allures 45.9/45.9S:

  • Design: The Allures 45.9/45.9S was designed by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, a renowned French naval architecture firm. The boat has a modern, sleek design that is both stylish and functional.

  • Performance: The Allures 45.9/45.9S is a fast and seaworthy boat. It has a hull form that is designed for efficiency and stability, and it is equipped with a powerful rig that can make good time in a variety of conditions.

  • Interior: The interior of the Allures 45.9/45.9S is spacious and well-appointed. It has a large saloon with plenty of seating, a well-equipped galley, and three or four cabins, depending on the configuration.

  • Exterior: The exterior of the Allures 45.9/45.9S is sleek and stylish. It has a large cockpit with plenty of space for sailing, a spacious deck for sunbathing or lounging, and a flybridge that offers a commanding view of the surroundings.

  • Customization options: The Allures 45.9/45.9S is available in a variety of customization options, including different layouts, rigging, and equipment packages. The boat is also available in a S version, which has a slightly longer waterline and a more powerful rig.

  • Pricing: The Allures 45.9/45.9S is priced starting at €476,870.

If you are looking for a comfortable, seaworthy, and capable cruising yacht, the Allures 45.9/45.9S is an excellent option. It is a versatile boat that can be customized to meet the needs of different owners, and it is sure to provide years of enjoyment on the water.


There are a few key differences between the Allures 45.9 and Allures 45.9S:

  • Weight: The Allures 45.9S is significantly lighter than the Allures 45.9, thanks to a number of weight-saving measures, including a carbon mast and rod rigging, a lifting keel, and a lighter hull construction. This makes the Allures 45.9S faster and more responsive, and it also allows for a greater range of sailing conditions.

  • Ballast: The Allures 45.9S has a lifting keel, while the Allures 45.9 has a fixed keel. This gives the Allures 45.9S more flexibility in terms of where it can be sailed, as it can be sailed in shallower water with the keel raised. However, the Allures 45.9 has a more stable platform in heavy weather, as the fixed keel provides more ballast.

  • Interior: The interiors of the Allures 45.9 and Allures 45.9S are very similar, with both models offering plenty of space and comfort for up to four people. However, the Allures 45.9S has a slightly larger interior, thanks to its lighter construction.

Overall, the Allures 45.9S is a faster, more responsive, and more versatile yacht than the Allures 45.9. However, the Allures 45.9 is more stable in heavy weather and has a larger interior. The best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


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Allures 45.9/S - The fast bluewater cruiser


2017 Allures 45.9 Aluminium Yacht - Quick Deck Walkaround - 2017 Annapolis Sail Boat Show

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ALLURES 45.9: Guided Tour Video (in English)

In this video, a representative for Allures Yachting thoroughly discusses the boat's various features and amenities, designed specifically for blue water cruising and long trips at sea.

Built on an aluminum hull with a composite deck, the Allures 45.9 benefits from a shallow draft and a modern hull, resulting in excellent performance and seaworthy handling in diverse conditions. The model's attractive design emphasizes a wide beam extending all the way to the aft, providing ample space on board. Notable exterior features include a wide bathing platform, a ladder for easy access, and a redesigned arch for simplified tender hoisting. Solar panels, wind turbines, and communication/navigation equipment can also be installed on the arch.

The cockpit, designed for safe and comfortable blue water cruising, includes dual helms and main winches set inboard for well-positioned, ergonomic maneuvers. The winches enable efficient sailing for short-handed crews and the option to install electric winches for added convenience. A substantial amount of storage is available in the cockpit, including lockers for gas canisters, an outboard motor locker, and a sail compartment.

The Allures 45.9 offers two interior layout options, with two or three cabins. The video focuses on the owner's version, which features a spacious and luminous interior designed for nautical elegance, comfort, and durability. A generously sized saloon is situated across from the large, well-equipped galley, offering excellent visibility outside. A unique addition to the yacht is the slightly elevated chart table with seating for two, allowing crew members to discuss navigation face-to-face and plan routes while maintaining contact with the outdoors.

The boat also features an extensive owner's cabin with multiple layout options, from a large island bed to two single berths that can be joined or separated. Ventilated through four port-holes, the cabin offers ample storage and can be finished in either cherry wood or light oak. Owners have the option to choose different upholstery for both the interior and exterior of the yacht, as well as an extensive list of equipment to suit their preferences and requirements.

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Allures 45.9s Designed for Fast Blue Water Cruising

The yacht houses an abundance of storage compartments of different sizes, suitable for accommodating a variety of items, such as golf clubs. The second cabin, located on the starboard side, is complete with a double bed, reading lights, plug USB charging, and multiple opening hatches that ensure optimal ventilation even while underway. Importantly, safety equipment like fire extinguishers are easily accessible across the yacht. There is also easy access to the electrics, which are well-organized and clearly labelled, making any necessary troubleshooting straightforward.

The design and construction of the yacht show a distinct focus on comfort and practicality. The saloon is raised, allowing for a drop-down galley and a higher navigation area. The galley is equipped with a three-burner gimbal stove, microwave, handholds for stability, an opening portlight, and two large stainless steel fridges that can function as freezers, if desired. The countertops are thick and sturdy, featuring a dual stainless steel sink with a saltwater pump and hot and cold freshwater options. The back of the saloon chair provides an extra bracing point when working in the galley while the boat is in motion.

Moreover, the yacht is full of little functional and aesthetic touches that enhance the overall experience. For instance, the use of red light not only adds to the boat's ambiance but also allows for night navigation without disturbing anyone or compromising night vision. There are also practical storage areas under the saloon seats. The craftsmanship shines through the hand-stitched leather on the grips and the precise joint work, along with the strategic usage of all available space for storage.

An adjustable table in the saloon provides dining space for up to eight people and can be converted into a large, cozy daybed. The engine compartment, housing a Volvo Penta 75 horsepower engine, is strategically located under the companionway stairs for ease of access and maintenance. Incredibly, the soundproofing and insulation around the engine compartment are so efficient that the engine noise is barely perceptible even when in motion.

This yacht is built with a central focus on stability and handling. The placement of the water and diesel tanks is central to the boat, ensuring a stable ride. The hull, being aluminum and not rounded like most yachts, along with the chines, provides a comfortable and responsive sailing experience.

Allures Yachting

Happy Owners — Pierre & Véronique, Allures 45.9

In this intriguing yacht review video, the narrator chronicles his long-standing love for sailing that culminated in the acquisition of an Allures 45.9, a coveted aluminum centreboarder. Prior to this purchase, the narrator had ten years of sailing experience in the Mediterranean on a composite 40-feet boat. The decision to purchase the Allures 45.9 came two years before his retirement, preparing him for a long-term cruising project that only retirement could provide ample time for.

The Allures 45.9 was primarily chosen for its aluminum construction, a material choice known for its resilience and durability. As the narrator humorously puts it, "if you hit a rock with an aluminum boat, the rock is wrong," highlighting the superior strength of an aluminum hull compared to a polyester one. Additionally, the yacht boasts a crash-box in the front, creating a watertight bulkhead between the anchor and sail locker and the forward cabin, a feature ensuring the boat's unsinkability even when the bow is damaged.

Another key feature of the Allures 45.9 is its centerboard. The fully liftable design permits beaching on the front triangle without the twin rudders touching the ground. The boat also exhibits incredible stability due to the 4.5 tons of metal ballast secured at the yacht's bottom, providing a smooth sailing experience even in rough seas.

The Allures 45.9 also appealed to the narrator due to its aesthetically pleasing shaped hull, distinguishing it from other boats with sharp chines. The boat's interior exudes quality, elegance, and a well-thought-out layout, features that have particularly impressed the narrator's wife.

The narrator and his wife plan to embark on a blue water cruising project, following a route akin to those laid out by Jimmy Cornell and Grand Large Yachting. The two-year journey will see them sailing around the world from east to west, traversing both the Panama and Suez Channels. They are open to adapting their plans based on circumstances and their enjoyment of certain locations.

The video concludes with the visit of Vincent Mauger, manager of Grand Large Services Manche. He brings a 'spare kit', consisting of essential replacement parts and materials needed on board, ranging from engine service parts to replacement filters for the watermaker.

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Allures 45.9 / 46 Beautiful Aluminium Sail Yacht

Allures Yachting

Windy sailing session on board an Allures 45.9

Allures Yachting

GLYWO 500 Episode #4 - Allures 45.9 - Loly

In this captivating yacht review video, Geneviève and Étienne, a couple married for 38 years, share their passion for sailing and their experiences aboard their yacht, the Allures 45.9. They named the yacht "Le Lit" in honor of Geneviève's father who taught them how to sail. Their primary intention was to have a sturdy boat for long voyages, and they found their trust in the Allures 45.9 vindicated after a secure Atlantic crossing.

Étienne describes their boat's performance in the waves as impressive. He was never fearful, even during rough seas, as the yacht was always stable. Geneviève admits that the idea of circumnavigating the world was overwhelming at first but she grew to love the idea over time. They both agree that sailing is a profound journey of trust and adventure.

They share their experience of crossing the Atlantic. Étienne was pleasantly surprised by how well the boat handled the conditions, maintaining stability even in high winds and swells. Geneviève shares their joy of having their three adult children accompany them on the voyage. They enjoyed the journey, filled with music and creativity, and even wrote and recorded a song onboard.

Joining the rally, they found it to be a fantastic way of traveling, fostering a sense of community and support. They cherished the bonds they formed and the wonderful people they met. They believe that they might not have embarked on a world tour without the collective spirit of the rally.

Every day onboard is filled with yoga, sports, swimming, and music. Geneviève, a teacher by profession, loves the opportunity to teach and learn with the children they meet. She dreams of creating a song that everyone can sing, as a celebration of their sailing adventure. In conclusion, the couple paints a vivid picture of life on the Allures 45.9 - a life full of adventure, exploration, and meaningful connections.


Spec IDImperialMetric
Water Tank12,6 t13.89 short tons
Fresh Water Tank420 l111.05 gallons
Length Overall14,75 m48.39 ft
Beam Max4,43 m14.53 ft
Draught Standard1,06 m / 2,90 m3.47 ft / 9.51 ft
Draught Option1,06 m / 2,90 m3.47 ft / 9.51 ft
Mainsail52 m²559.72 ft²
Jib48 m²516.67 ft²
Spinnaker160 m²1722.23 ft²