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The Amel 50 is a luxury sailing yacht known for its blend of performance, safety, and comfort, featuring a well-protected cockpit, spacious and elegant interior, and a design that allows for easy handling, making it ideal for offshore cruising and long voyages.

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AMEL, JS Evrard, Jérôme Ricoul

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The AMEL 50 is a renowned luxury sailing yacht manufactured by the French company, Chantiers Amel. This yacht is praised for its combination of comfort, safety, and performance.

Design and Performance: The AMEL 50 is designed for easy handling, making it perfect for small crews or even single-handed sailing. It features a protected cockpit and deck layout, which is ideal for offshore cruising. The yacht is built with a high-quality fiberglass hull and deck, which contribute to its sturdiness and durability. The AMEL 50 is equipped with a Volvo D3-110 engine and has a fuel capacity of 675 liters, making it capable of long passages.

Exterior: The exterior of the AMEL 50 showcases a sleek and modern design. Its deck is designed for safety, with solid guardrails and wide passageways. The cockpit is notably well-protected and centralizes all the controls, contributing to the safety and ease of sailing. This model also features a spacious aft deck and a large swimming platform.

Interior: The AMEL 50's interior is spacious, comfortable, and beautifully finished, typically featuring high-quality woodwork. The standard layout includes three cabins: an owner's cabin and two guest cabins, along with two bathrooms. The main saloon is well-lit and provides ample space for relaxation, and the galley is equipped with modern appliances, offering a high level of comfort for long voyages.

Customization Options: AMEL offers a range of customization options for buyers, although details may vary over time. These can include choices in interior finishes, upholstery, and navigation electronics.

Pricing: According to AMEL's price list, dated January 2021, the starting price is : 860.000 € ex. VAT / 1.032.000 € incl. VAT, plus options.


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ActuNautique - Yachting Art

AMEL 50 - 20 minute private tour

Presented by Stephanie, the Marketing Director at Amel Shipyard, the video gives viewers a complete tour of the yacht's exterior and interior features, underscoring its unparalleled luxury, safety, and ease of handling.

Amel Shipyard, founded by Henry Amel in 1969 in La Rochelle, France, is renowned for constructing high-quality, luxurious blue-water sailing yachts that are easy to maneuver and highly safe. By 2023, the company had sold around 94 units of the Amel 50, which was launched in 2017. The model was designed by Olivier Racoupeau from the Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design office, reflecting the perfect blend of style and functionality.

The Amel 50 is noted for its safe and easy handling. The yacht features a central cockpit, from which all maneuvers can be controlled without leaving the cockpit, ensuring the safety of the sailor. The yacht also boasts a hard stainless-steel railing around the deck and clear, broad sideways, further contributing to the safety and ease of movement.

The yacht's bathing platform is vast and offers a concealed, foldable bathing ladder. The clients have added solar panels, and it also includes fiberglass davits with an electric system inside. The yacht is designed to be used primarily by the owners, without any crew. The yacht's rear offers comfortable stairs leading to a very large sunbathing area.

The Amel 50's engine room, located centrally, is easily accessible from the outside, protecting the interior from noise and smells. It houses the main engine, generator, water maker, filters, and electric chargers. The cockpit of the Amel 50 features a salon area that can seat ten people comfortably. The steering port enables easy management of various operations, including the control of electric winches, furling system, bow thruster, and navigation instruments.

The yacht's interior layout comprises a chart table with all the instruments for sailing, a dining area, and a lounge area on the starboard side. There is one owner's cabin at the aft with a private en-suite bathroom, a VIP guest cabin with a central bed, and one cabin with two single berths, sharing a bathroom with a shower and toilets.

The Amel 50 has a full-beam owner's suite, offering a peaceful and comfortable space. The suite features a private desk, a lot of storage under the bed, and a private bathroom. The yacht is designed with plenty of storage space, catering to the needs of long cruises.

The Amel 50, fully equipped with optional accessories and equipment, is priced around 1,100,000 euros, including VAT. This price also includes a one-week training session with the Amel team to familiarize new owners with the boat's operations.

Sailing CAVU

Amel 50

  • Engine Room: "One of the features of the email that really stood out to us when we saw it online was this engine room... it's a completely watertight compartment separate from the rest of the boat... it's almost completely soundproof... the compartment has a single through hole that feeds water to all the mechanics... your air conditioning, your engine cooling, your generator cooling, your water maker it's all going to be housed in this one single compartment."

  • Helm and Cockpit: "You can see by my smile I really approve of this helm position... you've got a nice comfortable captain's seat... you got a glass windshield in front of you, you got a hard top above you... all the controls lead back here to this one instrument panel... all the lines also lead back right here in the cockpit."

  • Galley: "Moving aft we go through the galley... one of the things we really like is this induction stove and electric oven... no propane on the boat... plenty of lithium and solar power all this equipment... lockers above and below, plenty of cold storage."

  • Owner's Suite: "Into the owner's suite... the bed is a walk around, easy to access on both sides, plenty of locker storage... under the bed there's actually a window that allows you to view your prop... located inside the owner's head you'll find a washer and dryer."

  • Complaints: "Patricia's first complaint was that the bed's not square... Patricia found her second complaint, the shelf in the shower does not have a lip on it."

  • Other Features and Price: "This boat did not disappoint us... the things that we really liked that were unique were the solid railing around the deck, the watertight engine room compartment... induction stove, watertight doors... the biggest drawback is the 1.4 million dollar price tag."

Patricia and Dave, a couple with a fondness for sailing, share their first-hand impressions and review of the Amel 50 yacht at the Annapolis boat show. After a memorable sailing vacation in French Polynesia, the couple purchased a Sun Odyssey 440 in April 2021, and are keen to explore more sophisticated models such as the Amel 50.

One of the key features that initially piqued their interest was the engine room. Unlike most sailboats, the Amel 50 has a completely separate, watertight engine room compartment that is almost entirely soundproof when closed. The compartment houses all the essential mechanics, including air conditioning, engine cooling, generator cooling, and water maker. This feature enables efficient maintenance and easy access to all the vital systems of the yacht.

The helm of the Amel 50 received high praise from Dave, who appreciated the comfortable captain's seat, the carbon fiber wheel, and the well-protected environment. The cockpit boasts a glass windshield and hard top for protection, and all controls and lines lead back to a single instrument panel, making it an ideal boat for short-handed sailing.

The interior of the yacht features high-quality materials and craftsmanship, reflecting its premium price point. The companionway steps have a gentle slope, similar to their Jeanneau, and lead to a well-equipped galley. The couple were particularly impressed by the induction stove and electric oven, which eliminate the need for propane on board. This feature, coupled with ample lithium and solar power, suggests that the boat does not have any power problems.

The owner's suite is another highlight, boasting a watertight door, easy access on both sides of the bed, plenty of storage, and a window under the bed that offers a view of the prop. The suite also features a washer and dryer in the head, making it convenient for liveaboards.

Despite their admiration for the yacht, Patricia and Dave had a few minor complaints. Patricia was bothered by the non-square shape of the bed in the owner's suite and a shelf in the day head's shower that lacked a lip to secure products.

The yacht also features a spacious VIP guest cabin, a double bunk berth that could be used for storage, and a nav station. Unique features that stood out to them included the solid railing around the deck, the watertight engine room compartment, and watertight doors.

The couple found the Amel 50 to be impressive and aligned with their needs, despite the steep price tag of $1.4 million. They believe the yacht's features and design make it worth considering for any sailing enthusiast who can afford it.

SV TONIC_BoatWives

AMEL 50, The only True single handed blue water sailboat?

The video is a comprehensive review of the ML 50 yacht, providing viewers with an in-depth look at the yacht's features and functionalities. The review is conducted by a member of the yacht's sales team who introduces viewers to various aspects of the yacht, from its sailing capabilities to its interior design and amenities.

The yacht test sail began around 10 a.m., with the reviewer explaining various features of the yacht. The ML 50 is equipped with a compass, an autopilot, and a PNG multi-function tool that provides depth, wind speed, and angle information. The chart plotter on the yacht can also function as a fish finder and radar. Moreover, the ML 50 has a capstone with a chain counter and 100 meters of chain. All of these features are designed to be operated from the cockpit, providing a safer and more efficient sailing experience.

The ML 50 is also equipped with a transom that folds up neatly into the bulkhead, a large lazarette with watertight access to the steering areas, and ample storage space for bicycles, pedal boards, and dive tanks. The yacht also features a hard top with full glass and pillars for strengthening, with lines running through into the hard top. The yacht's interior is equally impressive, with a spacious saloon, a height-adjustable folding table, and well-appointed cabins with ample storage.

The engine room of the ML 50 is an engineering marvel, housing a 150 D3 Volvo engine, a 650-liter diesel tank, a sea water intake with a chest higher than the waterline, and a unique manifold system. The yacht is also equipped with two chargers, a 4000 Watt inverter, a water maker, air conditioning, and a diesel heater.

The ML 50 has a twin-rudder design, a choice made due to the yacht's beamy structure. This design allows for simpler mechanical steering systems and better boat balance. The yacht also employs in-mast furling, a system that ML has been designing since 1983. This system allows for safer and easier sail operation from the cockpit.

The video review also showed off the yacht's galley, fitted with an electric oven, a hub, and plenty of storage. Notably, the yacht also comes with a dishwasher and a fridge with two drawers. The master cabin is luxurious, with a window over the prop, a feature unique to the ML 50. The thoughtful design and attention to detail ensure a safe and comfortable sailing experience for its passengers.


15m sailing yacht AMEL 50 model 2023 (1.170.000€)

Emir Ruzdic

Amel 50: Guided Tour Video (English) at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2017

The ML 50 is designed to be stable and robust. Watertight compartments enhance the vessel's safety, reducing sound and creaking, and a solid handrail around the boat ensures added safety in heavy conditions. The yacht is designed to sail in any weather with a storm jib, self-tacking sails, and an easily manageable mast. The design also allows for a spinnaker or a gennaker to enhance downwind performance.

The Amel 50 is known for its extensive storage, thanks to its central engine room design. This positioning of the engine allows the yacht's interior to remain quiet and comfortable. The boat also boasts a spacious master cabin, complete with watertight doors, abundant storage, and a bed designed for use even at sea. The cabin also houses a washer and dryer and a well-equipped bathroom.

The yacht's kitchen features a freezer and a large fridge, along with ample storage space for kitchenware. The living area can comfortably accommodate eight people around the table without disturbance, and the two additional seats can be either fixed or removable. The yacht also contains two bunk cabins and an additional bathroom.

The navigation systems and controls are conveniently located within reach, making the yacht easy to operate. The boat is designed for push-button operation, making it suitable even for those transitioning from motor yachts. Its sailing capabilities allow for a daily distance of between 200 and 250 miles, with an average speed between 8 and 10 knots.

The yacht's self-contained engine compartment houses all systems, including the generator, watermaker, and boiler. This strategic placement ensures easy access for maintenance and contributes to the yacht's overall quietness. The fuel tank can hold 675 liters, and the water tank has a capacity of 600 liters, giving the yacht an autonomy of about 45 days.

The Amel 50 yacht offers a blend of safety, comfort, and luxury, designed with keen attention to detail. Its innovative features and design philosophy make it an ideal choice for couples looking to experience the joy of sailing around the world.

SV TONIC_BoatWives

Amel 50 Ultimate shorthanded sailboat

The reviewer is particularly impressed with the yacht's thoughtful layout and high-quality build.

Starting with the exterior, the Amel 50 features a large holding area beneath the deck, spacious enough for bikes and fenders, with its mainsail traveler positioned aft. The reviewer comments on the intelligent design of the side decks, complete with non-slip surfaces, flush hatches, and stainless steel fittings, a notable upgrade from the plastic fittings seen in some other yachts. The vessel comes equipped with electric winches, backed up with manual options, genoa tracks, a self-tacking jib, and a large stainless steel bowsprit.

Impressively, the Amel 50 boasts a substantial solar panel array on the hardtop, providing approximately 1400-1500 watts of power. The cockpit offers generous space and is equipped with comprehensive navigational and control systems, including a large chart plotter, wind instruments, and controls for the sails and engine.

Inside the yacht, the reviewer explores the owner's cabin, featuring underfloor lighting and a queen-sized island bed. A standout feature is a small glass porthole that allows the owner to inspect the propeller for any potential issues. The owner's cabin also houses a desk area, portlights, and a luxurious bathroom with a large walk-in shower.

The saloon area is spacious, with a proper chart table, 230-volt AC systems, fuel and water gauges, alarms, a VHF radio, and a stereo system. The galley is well-equipped with an electric stove, an oven, a microwave, a dishwasher, and considerable storage space.

Finally, the yacht features an additional twin bunk cabin and a second double island berth cabin, both brightly lit and well-equipped, ensuring comfort for all occupants. In conclusion, the Amel 50 is a well-thought-out, high-quality yacht offering comfort, safety, and functionality, suitable for any sailing enthusiast.


A Perfect Ocean Cruiser ! 2023 Amel 50

Sailing Aquarius Around The World

AMEL 50 Boat Tour | Yacht Tour | Sailing Boat Full Tour Inside By Sailing Aquarius

We here a nearly hour-long, insightful walk-through of the Amel 50, a well-equipped modern yacht optimized for comfort, safety, and long-distance cruising. The presentation takes the viewer on an immersive journey from the yacht's exterior to its living quarters, demonstrating the blend of functionality and luxury it offers.

Beginning with the yacht's performance, the owner indicates he can achieve 3.44 liters per hour fuel consumption in flat waters using a 650-liter tank. Despite a lack of wind, the yacht can motor up to two thousand miles slowly. However, the owner expressed some dissatisfaction with the vessel's motoring speed. To remedy this, he plans to replace the existing max prop with an auto prop, which promises better performance.

The Amel 50's sailing mechanisms are conveniently controlled by a press of a button. The furl and outhaul, main, staysail, and genoa are all easily operated. Moreover, the winch system, essential for hauling lines, can be adjusted to two speeds, offering the user flexibility. While the owner humorously admits to never using the slower speed, he highlights its potential usefulness in certain situations.

The yacht is packed with practical amenities. It has a secondary water maker, inflatable toys, gas bottles, and even a compressor unit for diving. A notable feature is a walkway designed for Mediterranean mooring, which the owner advises against for a world tour.

The Amel 50 also houses an impressive survival kit, containing flares, an EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon), a flare gun, and other necessary tools. Notably, the yacht has a unique water inlet system, allowing for a direct connection to a marina's water supply, thus saving the hassle of refilling water tanks.

In terms of accommodation, the yacht is a floating home. The owner introduces his family, including his wife and children, indicating that they have been sailing since January. The children give a delightful tour of their rooms, showing off their beds, storage spaces, and a range of personal items. They also share the family's ingenious solution for storing provisions - underneath the beds.

One of the primary concerns the owner highlights is fuel capacity. He feels that the yacht's 650-liter fuel capacity is insufficient for world cruising, and therefore, he carries an additional 400 liters in jerry cans, converting storage spaces into additional fuel storage.

In terms of communication, the yacht is well-equipped with SSB, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi boosters. The owner also mentions a tracking system, which provides real-time information about the yacht's location, battery voltage, and bilge water levels.

The yacht also harnesses renewable energy. A hydro generator generates power proportional to the yacht's speed, covering most of the boat's power needs during good wind conditions. However, the owner admits that it can be quite noisy.

The review concludes with the owner demonstrating the water maker control panel and the Victron power management system, which measures power generated from solar panels.

The Amel 50 is an excellent yacht for long-distance cruising, blending luxury, practicality, and performance. Despite minor issues, such as the perceived need for more fuel storage and the noise of the hydro generator, it is a robust and comfortable vessel that offers a truly home-like experience at sea.

SV TONIC_BoatWives

AMEL 50 Sublime blue water sailboat

The video provides a detailed review of the new ML50 yacht, presented at the Dusseldorf boat show. The ML50 stands out as an impressive and intricately designed vessel, built with a keen eye for functionality, safety, and comfort, and it's the successor to the previous ML60 and last model of the ML50.

Starting from the AFT deck, the ML50 boasts a large garage, with ample room for storing tools, fenders, dive bottles, and paddle boards. Interestingly, the yacht has twin rudders, each with its own autopilot power system for redundancy. The crash bulkhead just forward adds to the yacht's safety features. The ML50's main sheet traveler is located aft, allowing for better down force for the boom.

As the reviewer moves along the starboard side, numerous features are highlighted. There's a built-in section within the steel railing for a life raft, Harkin 46 and 60 two-speed electric winches, and winch controllers. The yacht's Genoa tracks, self-tacking jib, and a second shroud are all pointed out. Impressively, all the lines are designed to run back to the deck, ensuring a clutter-free deck area.

The bow area of the ML50 displays a stainless-steel bow roller, a vast anchor locker, and a crash bulkhead for the anchor chain, all contributing to the yacht's watertight integrity. The yacht's deck also features several opening hatches, providing ventilation for various internal sections, including the forward cabin and the saloon.

The yacht's cockpit is one of its main highlights, offering ample space and protection. It houses the helm station, complete with controls for the Volvo Penta engine, bow thruster, main furling systems, windscreen wipers, and other electronic systems. An additional safety feature is the mechanical space, easily accessible from the cockpit, containing important systems like the diesel tanks, master volt systems, water maker, generator, and air conditioning units.

The interior of the ML50 is no less impressive. It features a lovely nav station, a two-seater couch, 230-volt system switches, a 24-volt system, and ample storage. The yacht's galley is laid out longitudinally along the starboard side, equipped with an induction hob, oven, fridge system, and optional dishwasher or washing machine.

The yacht features several cabins, including a bunk cabin and a VIP cabin, all with ample storage and ventilation. The master cabin, located aft, offers a large bed, hanging lockers, and a desk. There's a heads section for the owners with a shower and a washing machine.

Sailing Talia

SAILING a brand new AMEL 50! | Sailing Talia Ep. 28

Her the hosts embark on a sailing adventure aboard the Amel 50, a luxurious and technologically advanced yacht. The trip, which takes place after a three-month hiatus from sailing, serves as a fantastic opportunity for the hosts to experience the impressive features of the Amel 50 and compare them to their own Beneteau 373. Throughout the video, the hosts offer a comprehensive review of the Amel 50, highlighting its impressive features, design, and overall performance while sailing.

The Amel 50, also known as Traveler 4, belongs to Arnie and Jane, the hosts' neighbors in Marina de Laguza. This yacht is the first of its kind to feature a single mast sloop design, departing from the classic Amel catch design with two masts. As the 22nd hull in production and the first to have lithium batteries, the Amel 50 showcases several unique features that make it stand out from the competition. The hosts discuss the benefits of this innovative yacht with Arnie and Jane, who provide valuable insights into its design and construction.

Among the yacht's standout features are its spacious and comfortable living quarters, complete with a walk-around bed and a protected helm. The Amel 50 also boasts an efficient and easy-to-maintain setup, with only one through-hull in the entire boat, ensuring that all bilges are dry and allowing for easy access to the yacht's systems. Additionally, the Amel 50 is equipped with electric winches, which the hosts find particularly impressive when compared to their own yacht.

As the sailing adventure unfolds, the hosts discuss their experiences aboard the Amel 50, noting the yacht's stability and solid feel. They also touch on the importance of communication and teamwork while sailing, mentioning the usefulness of headsets as "marriage savers" to help prevent conflicts. The hosts enjoy their time on the water, indulging in cocktails and good food while taking in the stunning views from the yacht's deck.

Towards the end of the video, the hosts return to the marina and reflect on their experience aboard the Amel 50. Despite some challenges with mooring due to strong wind and seasickness caused by the combination of sailing and alcohol, the hosts express their admiration for the Amel 50 and its incredible features. They even entertain the idea of upgrading to a similar yacht in the future, suggesting that they could comfortably live aboard a boat like the Amel 50 for an extended period of time.

The hosts' enthusiasm for the yacht, coupled with their insights into its design and performance, paint a vivid picture of what it is like to sail aboard the Amel 50. This review serves as a valuable resource for anyone considering a yacht upgrade or simply curious about the world of high-end sailing.

Amel Yachts


Yachting World

Amel 50 | First Look | Yachting World

One Sky Yachting

'Amel 50' So Beautiful Sailing Yacht!

Amel Yachts

AMEL - Family on the boat : a family's circumnavigation on their AMEL 50

A couple discusses their decision to shift their lifestyle radically by embarking on a global sailing expedition on an AMEL 50 yacht. Their journey was motivated by a desire for unique experiences, quality family time, and a departure from a work-centric life.

The narrator initially recounts how he fell in love with his wife when she expressed her dream of sailing around the world. As they anticipated the arrival of their children, they decided to buy a boat that would provide safety, comfort, and the possibility of realizing their dream. They sold their company to prioritize experiences over accumulating wealth in a bank account, underlining their philosophy that humans truly live through experiences rather than through material accumulation.

The AMEL 50 was their choice due to its elegance, safety, and ease of operation by just two adults. The boat was also selected for its family-friendly comfort. They planned an extensive route, beginning from Spain, through the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Galapagos, French Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Maldives, South Africa, Brazil, and finally back to Spain, all over a span of three years.

The narrator expresses great satisfaction with the features of the AMEL 50. He appreciates its protective cockpit, the solid railing around the boat, plentiful storage spaces, and the engine room, which houses all the technology and minimizes onboard noise. His children have ample space to play, and his wife particularly enjoys the kitchen.

The boat's self-sustainability is another highlight for the family, as it provides everything they need without requiring external services. The couple hopes their adventurous project will inspire others to take the leap and fulfill their dreams. The video ends on a note of encouragement, urging viewers to not just dream, but to actively pursue those dreams.


Spec IDImperialMetric
Water Tank20,55 t45 300 lbs
Water Tank24,70 t54 500 lbs
Fresh Water Tank600 litres160 US gal
Water Tank20,55 t45 300 lbs
Water Tank24,70 t54 500 lbs
Fresh Water Tank600 litres160 US gal
Hull Speed9.24 knots
Power/Weight3975.6 lbs/in
Length Hull15,51 m50'10"
Length Overall16,50 m54'1"
Length Waterline14,50 m47'7"
Beam Max4,79 m15'8"
Length Hull15,51 m50'10"
Length Overall16,50 m54'1"
Length Waterline14,50 m47'7"
Beam Max4,79 m15'8"
Draught Standard2,15 m7'
Draught Standard2,15 m7'
Mainsail62 m2670 ft2
Genoa64 m2690 ft2
Mainsail62 m2670 ft2
Genoa64 m2690 ft2