The Amel 60 is a luxury, ketch-rigged sailing yacht designed for blue water cruising. It offers robust performance, a comfortable and luxurious interior for six people, and a well-designed exterior for easy movement. Customization options and a price starting around €2 million make it a high-end choice for sailors.

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Quick Take

The Amel 60 is a luxury sailing yacht that was first introduced in 2019. It is a high-end model from the French shipyard, Chantiers Amel, a company well-known for its focus on creating comfortable, easy-to-handle, and safe ocean-going vessels.

Design and Performance

Designed by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, the Amel 60 is a robust and powerful ketch-rigged sailing yacht. It is designed with blue water cruising in mind and is equipped with top-of-the-range deck gear and hardware. The yacht boasts an 8-foot iron keel and a hull made of solid laminate with an internal layer of Twaron, a synthetic fiber similar to Kevlar.

The performance of the Amel 60 is quite remarkable. With its 21 sail area to displacement ratio, it is set up for efficient and comfortable cruising. The design allows for a comfortable and stable sailing experience, even in rough weather conditions.

Interior and Exterior

The interior of the Amel 60 is luxurious and spacious. The boat can accommodate up to six people comfortably, with three double cabins each equipped with an ensuite. A notable feature is the aft master cabin, which offers a significant amount of space and comfort. The saloon and galley are well-appointed, with high-quality materials and finishes.

The exterior of the yacht is equally impressive, with a spacious cockpit and easy access to the deck. The helm station is well protected, and the deck layout is designed for easy, safe movement.

Customization Options

As with many luxury yachts, the Amel 60 offers customization options to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the owner. This can include choices in interior finishes, fabrics, and materials, as well as choices in deck gear and electronic equipment. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, Amel tended to limit customization options compared to some other manufacturers in order to maintain their high standards and specific vision for their boats.


The pricing for the Amel 60 as of 2023 would likely start around €2 million, but could vary greatly depending on the chosen options and specifications.


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AMEL 60 ultimate ocean blue water sailboat

The presenter explores the exterior and interior of the yacht, providing insights into its specifications, storage options, amenities, and overall craftsmanship. This essay provides a comprehensive summary of the video, highlighting the key points discussed.

Exterior Features: The tour commences with a focus on the exterior features of the Amel 60. The presenter starts at the transom, which features a pop-down ladder and hydraulics/electrics for easy access. The yacht is equipped with dinghy davits and cockpit controls, ensuring convenience and efficiency. The non-slip infused artificial teak deck adds to the yacht's brilliance. The exterior is also designed with ample storage lockers and cockpit seats for comfort and security. The German main sheet traveler is commended for providing enhanced control over the boom and improved performance.

Interior Layout: Moving inside the yacht, the presenter highlights the spacious and well-designed interior. The salon features a flat-screen TV, a navigation station with chart plotter and Fusion stereo system, and ample storage compartments. The yacht offers a fully air-conditioned environment, with controls conveniently placed throughout. The galley impresses with its extensive storage, a large top-loading fridge, a four-hob electric cooker, and a generous oven. The yacht's joinery is praised for its solid craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Accommodations: The Amel 60 offers luxurious and comfortable accommodations for guests and owners alike. The guest cabins, both port, and starboard, boast double beds, ample storage, and en-suite bathrooms with electric flush toilets and spacious showers. The attention to detail, such as blinds for privacy and sturdy stainless steel bars on the drawers, adds to the overall quality of the yacht. The owner's suite is particularly impressive, featuring a walk-around queen-size bed, a vanity or desk area, and a large hanging locker. The owner's bathroom is spacious and well-appointed, with a separate shower area and plenty of storage.

Additional Features: The Amel 60 offers numerous additional features that enhance the overall experience. The yacht incorporates extensive storage options throughout, including cleverly designed cabinets and lockers. The LED lighting, mood lighting, and ample natural light from the port lights contribute to the yacht's inviting ambiance. The yacht is equipped with practical amenities such as a dishwasher, washer/dryer, and heating controls. It also includes thoughtful touches like mosquito blinds, mirrors, and additional viewing points for maintenance purposes.

Conclusion: The video review of the Amel 60 yacht provides a comprehensive overview of its features, design, and functionality. From the meticulously crafted exterior to the luxurious and well-appointed interior, the Amel 60 exemplifies elegance, comfort, and practicality. The yacht's storage options, efficient layout, and attention to detail make it an ideal choice for couples or those seeking a sophisticated cruising experience. With its array of amenities and top-notch craftsmanship, the Amel 60 sets a new standard for luxury yachting.

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AMEL 60 Technical Video

Yachting World

Is this Amel 60 the supreme yacht for shorthanded world cruising?

Host Toby Hodges from Yachting World takes viewers on a tour of the yacht, highlighting its design, sailing performance, and interior layout.

Starting from the bow, Hodges points out the sturdy bow roller and the option for a second anchor. The yacht comes equipped with a staysail and a 100% genoa, along with the ability to add downwind sails. The carbon mast and aluminum boom, along with the hydraulic package and in-mast mainsail furler, demonstrate the yacht's high level of specification.

Moving to the cockpit, Hodges discusses the twin rudder design, which allows for wire steering controls and provides more feedback. He demonstrates the ease of handling by tacking the yacht single-handedly, utilizing the autopilot and furling the sail simultaneously. The yacht maintains good speed even in light breeze, thanks to its off-wind furling sail.

One of the traditional Amel features highlighted is the central watertight engine room below the cockpit. This spacious area provides easy access to the engine, fuel separation filters, watermaker, and other systems, while keeping noise, smells, and vibrations away from the interior. The yacht offers ample storage, including a large lazarette for toys and equipment.

Moving into the interior, Hodges praises the modern design styling by Olivia Racoupeau, the wife of the yacht's designer. The layout includes three double ensuite cabins, each with plenty of storage and large hull port lights. The saloon features a drop-down table and a practical bar area. The galley is well-equipped with plenty of storage and neat details such as perspex on the bottom of drawers for easy visibility.

The owner's cabin is located below the aft cockpit and provides a luxurious space with watertight bulkheads and extensive storage options. The cabin includes a desk area, indirect lighting, and a connecting head compartment with a shower. The high standard of finish is evident throughout the yacht.

Hodges concludes by mentioning that the Amel 60 is a sloop-rigged yacht, marking the end of Amel's ketch designs. The yacht is designed to be easily managed by a short-handed crew or even a single person, thanks to its sail controls and thrusters. The Amel 60 maintains the brand's heritage while incorporating modern features and is expected to be another successful addition to the Amel lineup.


Amazing Blue Water Yacht ! 2023 Amel 60

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Sailing with amel 60 in Göcek


The 2020 AMEL 60 yacht - 970.000€

ActuNautique - Yachting Art

BoatScopy AMEL 60 - 25 minute private tour

The video is a private tour of the Amel 60, the flagship yacht of the French shipyard Amel. The tour is conducted by Antoine Riou, the sales manager at Amel. He begins by introducing the history and DNA of the Amel brand, which is rooted in safety and building boats that are reliable and secure. The Amel 60 is a sloop design, departing from their previous catch designs, and it has been well-received in the market.

Antoine takes us through various features of the yacht, starting with the spacious aft deck and swimming platform, which offers ample storage for long-distance cruising. The walkthrough to the cockpit is clear and secure, with a solid rail for support. The yacht features an in-mast furling system, a self-tacking jib, and an electric furler for the genoa, all of which can be operated from the cockpit. This emphasizes Amel's focus on creating a yacht that can be easily handled by a single person.

Moving to the interior, Antoine highlights the central galley layout, which opens up the salon and creates a large, comfortable living space. The galley is well-equipped with modern appliances and ample storage. The salon features a dining area, a chart table, and a bar, all designed with attention to detail and high-quality finishes. The Amel 60 offers three cabins, including a spacious owner's suite with an en-suite bathroom and plenty of storage. The guest cabins are equally well-appointed, providing comfort and privacy for all onboard.

One of the standout features of the Amel 60 is its engine room, which is accessible from the cockpit. This design choice ensures that any noise, heat, or smells from the engine are contained, enhancing comfort and safety. The engine room is well-organized and provides easy access to the engine, generator, watermaker, and other systems.

Throughout the video, Antoine emphasizes the importance of safety and functionality. The yacht is designed for long-distance cruising, and every detail is carefully considered to ensure ease of use and peace of mind. Amel's attention to detail extends to the construction of the yacht, with solid wood and laminated finishes, high-quality hinges, and thoughtfully designed storage spaces.

In terms of pricing, the base price for the Amel 60 is around 1.98 million euros, with additional options and customizations available. Antoine shares a heartwarming story of a customer who purchased the yacht during the COVID-19 pandemic without ever physically seeing the boat. The customer embarked on an adventure and is now enjoying the yacht in cold, remote locations, fulfilling their dream.

Amel has committed to creating a yacht that combines comfort, performance, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for long-distance cruising and fulfilling sailing dreams.

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AMEL 60 Sailing Yacht

The Midshipmen


In their latest video, The Midshipmen focus on a 60-foot yacht designed for ocean sailing. The vessel comes with high expectations due to its size and potential, but it ultimately disappoints the reviewers in several key areas, leading to a mixed overall evaluation.

The first issue noted is the yacht's winch size. The reviewers point out that a yacht of this size, particularly one designed for racing, should have significantly larger winches. The winches installed are far too small for a boat of this size, making it difficult to manually control the sails. The reviewers question the yacht's safety and practicality when conditions become challenging, and the electric furlers malfunction.

They also express concern about the yacht's power redundancy. The electric systems onboard are so reliant on consistent power that sailing solo without the aid of the electric systems is deemed impossible. To create any sort of redundancy, they suggest a substantial amount of solar panels would need to be installed to ensure enough power can be stored in the batteries.

Further, they critique the yacht's sleeping accommodations. Despite its 60-foot size, it can only comfortably sleep six. The reviewers suggest this design choice gives the yacht the feel of a charter boat, rather than a private luxury yacht. They argue that in this price range and size, a yacht should offer larger master cabins both forward and aft, and additional bunk accommodations.

Despite the complaints, the reviewers appreciate the placement of the master cabin at the back of the yacht. They agree that this design choice stands out from other boats that traditionally place the master cabin forward. However, they believe that at this price point, such a feature should be standard.

The reviewers also question the boat's layout and use of space. They argue that the yacht's design does not optimally use the available space, and some critical elements like the companionway steps are misplaced. This, they believe, detracts from the boat's primary focus of safety and comfort.

Finally, they ponder who the target audience for this yacht might be. They hypothesize that it's likely buyers who are drawn by the brand's reputation rather than the practicality or quality of the yacht itself. They assert that experienced ocean sailors, particularly those who enjoy long passages, would likely choose a different yacht.

When it comes to grading the yacht, the reviewers express a range of views. One reviewer gives it a C+, pointing out its shortcomings and deviation from the brand's traditional principles. The other reviewer rates it slightly higher with a B-, acknowledging the yacht's craftsmanship and sailing potential despite its flaws.

Despite the mixed reviews, they all agree that the yacht's construction is high quality, and it would likely sail well. However, they find the yacht's design choices and overall execution disappointing, particularly given the high price point and the brand's reputation.

The Midshipmen find the yacht to be a blend of good construction and questionable design choices. They urge potential buyers to carefully consider their needs and the yacht's drawbacks before making a purchase. They grade the yacht a C+, acknowledging its potential but expressing disappointment in its execution.


Spec IDImperialMetric
Water Tank27,85 t61 400 lbs
Fresh Water Tank700 litres185 US gal
Hull Speed9.94 knots
Power/Weight4106.41 lbs/in
Length Hull18,00 m59’
Length Overall19,00 m62’3’’
Length Waterline16,85 m55’10’’
Beam of Hull5,35 m17’4’’
Beam Max4,53 m14’10’’
Draught Standard2,35 m7’8’’
Draught33,50 t73 850 lbs
Ballast Standard7,20 t15 900 lbs
Mainsail78 m2839 ft2
Genoa92 m2990 ft2
Jib36 m2387 ft2