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The Arcona 385 is a high-performance sailing yacht, combining racing capabilities with cruising comfort. It features a modern design, a spacious and customizable interior, and an easy-to-handle exterior. Built by Swedish Arcona Yachts, it offers a blend of technology, safety, and luxury.

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Quick Take

The Arcona 385 is a high-performance sailing yacht that is designed for both racing and cruising. It is built by Arcona Yachts, a Swedish company known for its high-quality, handcrafted yachts.

Design and Performance: The Arcona 385 is designed with a focus on performance, comfort, and safety. It features a modern hull design with a deep, well-balanced rudder and a lead keel with a bulb, which provides excellent stability and control. The yacht is built using the latest technology and materials, including a vacuum-infused sandwich construction for the hull and deck, which ensures a high strength-to-weight ratio. The rig is designed for easy handling, with a large mainsail and a self-tacking jib. The yacht is powered by a Volvo Penta engine.

Interior: The interior of the Arcona 385 is designed to be comfortable and practical. It features a spacious saloon with a large dining table, a well-equipped galley, and comfortable seating. The yacht has two cabins, with a large owner's cabin in the bow and a guest cabin in the stern. The interior is finished in high-quality materials, with a choice of different wood finishes.

Exterior: The exterior of the Arcona 385 is designed for easy handling and comfort. It features a large, open cockpit with twin wheels, which provides excellent visibility and control. The cockpit has a large, fold-down bathing platform, which provides easy access to the water. The deck is clean and uncluttered, with all lines led aft to the cockpit for easy handling.

Customization Options: Arcona Yachts offers a range of customization options for the Arcona 385. These include different wood finishes for the interior, different upholstery options, and a choice of different sails. Other options include a bow thruster, a folding propeller, and additional equipment such as a heating system, a hot water system, and a windlass.

Pricing: The pricing for the Arcona 385 is not listed on the website. For detailed pricing information, it is recommended to contact Arcona Yachts directly.

Please note that this information is based on the details available on the Arcona Yachts website as of May 2023, and the actual specifications and pricing may vary.


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NEW Arcona 385

Yachting Monthly

Can the Arcona 385 live up to the reputation of it's much-loved predecessor? - Yachting Monthly

The Arcona 385 is a top-of-the-line performance cruiser that offers excellent sailing capabilities and sleek design. In this comprehensive review of the yacht, Theo Stocker of Yachting Monthly discusses the various features of the Arcona 385 and what sets it apart from other boats in its class. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the Arcona 385 is a fantastic boat for those who are willing to pay the premium price for a performance cruiser.

Exterior Design and Sailing Performance

The Arcona 385 is a modern, fast, and powerful sailing yacht. With its clean lines and sleek profile, it is an eye-catching boat that is sure to turn heads. The boat is built around sailing, which means it has a lower topside and a more streamlined coach roof, resulting in less headspace in the forward cabin but better visibility for the helmsman. This yacht is designed to give its owner a tremendous amount of sailing pleasure, with excellent handling, speed, and control.

The Rigging and Hull Construction

The Arcona 385 features a keel-stepped mast and an innovative method of creating rigidity within the hull. The hull is made from vacuum-infused vinylester resin and a 20mm Divinycell core, resulting in a lightweight and stiff structure. One of the most distinctive features of Arcona yachts is their use of a galvanized steel matrix and beam for the keel, which takes the dynamic loads from the rigging, mast, and keel. This provides a robust and rigid structure to support the boat's sailing capabilities.

Interior Layout and Accommodation

Inside the Arcona 385, the accommodations are comfortable, albeit a bit less spacious than other cruising boats of this size. Theo mentions that there is limited stowage under the berths, but there is ample storage in the galley, behind the settees, and in other areas of the boat. A notable update from the previous model, the 380, is the addition of larger hull windows that provide an excellent eye-level view on both sides of the boat.

The owner of the boat featured in the review opted for a three-cabin layout, with a double cabin to starboard and a second cabin to port. In the two-cabin layout option, there would be separate toilet and shower compartments, as well as access to a large aft locker. The forward cabin has a comfortable V-berth, ample storage, and reading lights with USB ports. The aft cabins also feature large hull windows and good ventilation, with standing headroom and locker space.

Attention to Detail and Quality of Workmanship

The Arcona 385 boasts exceptional attention to detail and quality of workmanship. This is evident in the immaculate wiring and labeling in the electrics panel, as well as the way the bulkheads are laminated into the hull and deck, making them a structural part of the boat. The engine space is also well-organized, with easy access to service points and a dry, clean bilge system.

Minor Drawbacks

Despite the many positives of the Arcona 385, Theo does mention a few minor drawbacks. The handholds on the coach roof could be better, the boom is at head height for those over six feet tall, and stowage for two gas bottles aft would be preferable to having one in the anchor locker.

Why You Might Not Buy the Arcona 385

The main reasons someone might not choose the Arcona 385 are its focus on performance sailing, slightly reduced accommodation volume, and high price tag. The base price for the boat, excluding VAT, is approximately £272,000 or $335,000. With added extras, the price can rise to around £425,000 or $520,000. While the price tag is substantial, those with the financial means may find the Arcona 385 to be a high-quality, enjoyable, and fast cruising boat.

Strong Contender

The Arcona 385 is a top-notch performance cruiser that offers a fantastic sailing experience, with a focus on quality, performance, and comfort. Despite a few minor drawbacks and a high price tag, it's a wonderful boat for those who prioritize sailing performance and are willing to invest in a high-quality cruiser. As Theo concludes, if you're in the market for a new 38-footer and have the cash, the Arcona 385 is a strong contender.

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Arcona Yachts webinar - first look at the Arcona 385

Host Hannah and her guest, Noel from Arcona Yachts, provide viewers with an exclusive first walkthrough of the new Arcona 385 yacht, detailing its various features and answering questions about the yacht from viewers. In this essay, we summarize the key aspects and features of the video, as well as provide a review of the Q&A session following the tour.

The Arcona 385 is an updated version of the popular Arcona 380, with improved design and features to provide a better sailing experience for both leisure and racing enthusiasts. The first thing noticed upon entering the yacht is the spacious open transom, which allows for better storage space, ease of access when boarding, and increased safety when bringing people on board.

The cockpit of the Arcona 385 features a double steering wheel system, designed for minimal friction and smooth steering. The yacht also has a versatile cockpit table, a footrest, and a well-designed main sheet system, all of which contribute to the improved sailing experience and comfort on board.

On deck, the Arcona 385 boasts a harken track and winches, ensuring reliability and smoother performance. The rigging on the yacht is largely unchanged from the Arcona 380, continuing with its race-winning design. The yacht also comes with a 107% jib sail as standard, making it suitable for both racing and cruising.

The interior of the Arcona 385 has a light and airy Scandinavian oak design, with plenty of windows and large hull windows providing ample natural light throughout the boat. The yacht's layout includes a modern galley, a comfortable dining area, a practical nav station, and spacious staterooms for guests.

During the Q&A session, Hannah and Noel address various viewer questions about the Arcona 385. In response to a query about the boat's expected sailing date, Noel says that they anticipate sailing by late March or early April, depending on the weather conditions. When asked about the boat's base price, it is revealed that it comes with a reasonable price that includes everything needed for a basic sailing experience, such as shore power, batteries, a well-equipped galley, and an autopilot system. Buyers can also customize their boat with various add-ons, such as upgraded engine options, additional instruments, and different sail packages.

Some viewers expressed interest in alternative engine options, and Noel confirms that Arcona Yachts has a collaboration with Oceanvolt, offering electric propulsion systems for their yachts. The Arcona 385 can be fitted with an Oceanvolt system, providing an eco-friendly alternative to diesel engines.

In response to a question about the yacht's weight compared to the Arcona 380, Noel explains that the 385 is of similar weight, with the main changes being in design and features rather than construction.

Hannah and Noel also discuss various other features, such as the self-tacking jib option, which would provide an easier sailing experience, particularly for single-handed sailors. Additionally, they mention the possibility of adding extra windows in the front cabin and the availability of different stove options in the galley.

The video offers an insightful and comprehensive look at the new Arcona 385 yacht, presenting a boat that has been thoughtfully designed to provide an enjoyable and seamless sailing experience. The range of customization options and the emphasis on both cruising and racing capabilities make the Arcona 385 a versatile and appealing option for sailors of varied experience and preferences.


Spec IDImperialMetric
DesignerStefan QvibergStefan Qviberg
Water Tank6 850 kg15080.24 lbs
Fresh Water Tank200 litres52.83 gallons
Grey Water Tank (Optional)80 litres21.13 gallons
CE CategoryA-OceanA-Ocean
Hull Speed7.9 knots
Power/Weight2312.96 lbs/in
Length Waterline10.60 m34.78 ft
Beam Max3.80 m12.47 ft
Draught Standard1.9 m6.23 ft
Draught Option2.1 m / 2.4 m6.89 ft / 7.87 ft
Mast Length from Waterline Excluding Windex19.5 m63.98 ft
Mainsail52 m²559.72 ft²
Jib36 m²387.50 ft²
Spinnaker138 m²1486.46 ft²
I - Foretriangle Height16.2 m53.15 ft
J - Foretriangle Base4.2 m13.78 ft
E - Mainsail Foot5.4 m17.72 ft
P - Mainsail Hoist16 m²172.22 ft²
EngineYanmar 3YM30/SD25Yanmar 3YM30/SD25