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The Bavaria C50 is a stylish and comfortable sailing yacht that offers various customization options, impressive performance, and a spacious interior and exterior. With a price tag of around $515,000, it provides excellent value for those looking to enjoy luxury sailing experiences.

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The Bavaria C50 is a luxurious sailing yacht designed for comfort, performance, and style. The design of the yacht is done by an Italian, Cossutti Yacht Design, which has given the boat a modern and sleek appearance. The C50 features a wide beam of 5 meters, providing ample space in the cockpit for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors.

Performance-wise, the Bavaria C50 comes standard with an aluminum Selden rig and Elvstrom sails, ensuring smooth sailing and handling. The yacht has responsive steering and features controls for the bow thruster and the main throttle at the helm station. The boat also has a foldable boarding platform, which is essential due to its high position above the waterline.

The interior of the Bavaria C50 is spacious and filled with natural light, thanks to the large hull windows and hatches. The light oak cabinetry adds to the airy ambiance. There are various customization options for the cabin layout, with this specific model featuring three double cabins: two aft and one forward. The galley is designed in a U-shape and comes with an in-bench fridge and large fridge and freezer drawers.

The yacht also has a decent-sized navigation station equipped with a B&G NavEvo system that controls all the electronics on board. Each cabin has generous headroom, and the owner's cabin in the bow features a separate shower and head. Access to the engine and generator is located under the steps, and the boat is powered by an 85 horsepower Yanmar engine with a sail drive.


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15m BAVARIA C50 Sailing boat 2023


2020 Bavaria C50 Style Sailing Yacht - Walkaround Tour - 2020 Boot Dusseldorf

45 Degrees Sailing

Bavaria C50 Holiday Review 2022

  1. "I didn't enjoy the finish of this boat and the tables were exactly the same you can see the pitting and the finish on top here just not not done properly not done to a high standard in the end."

  2. "One stupid ridiculous feature that they put in which I can only see is for looks or design which is where they take the um rough grip section they raise it slightly on an angle almost I was wondering if it's to direct water but it still doesn't make sense and I've taken all the non-slip off it so it is the most slippery section and of course it's right underneath the stays as you go around so every time I went to walk up there I would grab the side stays and I would plant my foot as wide as I could and it would be on this slippery spot and it was always really slippery."

  3. "The companion-wise steps the distance from where the companionway slides forward and then the steps go down this coming down here every time I had to contort myself to go down they have not left enough space or made the companion weight slide go far enough to the bow in order to make space to just be able to walk down the companionway steps."

  4. "This is a brand new boat and we had floorboards that were actually rocking."

  5. "We were pulling 7.5 knots at a 65 degrees apparent and a 14 to 15 knot Breeze -- now it felt very slow and if it dropped below that 14 knots the speed really dropped and it just it just felt like it needed a whole lot to get going."

  6. "The bow roller design was terrible in the sense that it came off twice in the week that I was out and it came off the week before resulting in chipping of the bow immediately because it actually as it and the whatever was up with the length um and the way the the the anchor caption was set it would bounce quite profusely and then it actually if you got any movement sideways uh it would it would be capable of popping off."

In the yacht review video, Nick provides a rather scathing analysis of the Bavaria C50 yacht. He covers various aspects of the yacht, including its design, build quality, sailing performance, and overall user experience. While the C50 offers some attractive features, Nick points out numerous issues that he encountered during his time on the boat.

Starting with the exterior, Nick praises the yacht's large swim platform, which provides plenty of space for swimmers and sunbathers. However, he highlights some design flaws, such as a cockpit drain that does not fully drain without manual assistance, and an unsatisfactory finish on the tables. He also mentions that the top deck offers ample lounging space, but the yacht's overall finish is not up to par with other boats in its class.

One of the most significant design flaws Nick points out is a slippery and uneven section of the deck right below the side stays, making it difficult to move around the boat safely. This issue frustrated him throughout his time on the yacht. He also criticizes the companionway entrance, stating that there is not enough clearance for taller individuals, causing them to hit their heads when entering or exiting the interior.

Once inside the yacht, Nick notes several issues with the floorboards, which were uneven and squeaky in some areas. He mentions that this is unusual for a brand new boat and raises concerns about the yacht's build quality. Nick also comments on the galley, stating that it is functional but not as bright and open as the Bavaria website's images suggest.

Regarding sailing performance, Nick expresses disappointment in the yacht's speed and windward angle. He explains that the boat felt slow and struggled to maintain speed when the wind dropped below 14 knots. Although the Bavaria C50 is advertised as being able to reach speeds of 7.9 knots at a 36-38 degrees apparent wind angle, Nick did not experience this during his time on the yacht.

Nick does acknowledge some positive aspects of the sailing experience, such as the ease of operation and the single rudder design. However, these aspects do not outweigh the overall dissatisfaction with the yacht's sailing performance.

Another significant issue Nick encountered was related to the anchor and bow roller design. The anchor chain came off twice during his time on the yacht, resulting in chipped gel coat on the bow. This issue had also occurred during a previous charter, indicating a fundamental design flaw with the bow roller.

Nick does not consider the Bavaria C50 to be a standout yacht in its class. Despite offering some appealing features, such as ample space and an easy-to-operate sailing system, the boat's numerous design flaws and disappointing sailing performance detract from its overall appeal. While Nick states that the yacht may be suitable for a week-long family sailing trip, he would not personally charter it again or recommend it for purchase.


Bavaria C50 - In action

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Bavaria C50 Style Edition "5-Minute Walk-through"

Boating New Zealand

Bavaria C50 Style

  • "This boat's got a five-meter beam and you can see that happening right here in the cockpit how much space that generates."

  • "The boat comes standard with an aluminium Selden rig and with Elvstrom sails."

  • "This boarding platform folds right down off the transom and you really need it because you can see how high we are off the water."

  • "There are lots of options downstairs for how you want the cabin laid out; this particular boat has three double cabins, two aft and one forward."

  • "The galley instead of being ranged alongside with this big u-shape so there's an in-bench fridge here and there's also this really big fridge and freezer drawers."

  • "The light oak cabinetry really makes the whole thing feel very light and spacious."

  • "There's also a decent-sized nav station here to starboard; the boat has this B&G NavEvo system which controls all the electronics."

  • "Under the steps here is access to the engine and the generator; the power here is an 85 horsepower Yanmar with a sail drive."

  • "At around 850,000 New Zealand Dollars is tested, it's a lot of boat for the money."

Sailing in the blustery spring weather of Auckland Harbour, the boat's spacious design, impressive features, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for those looking for an exceptional sailing experience.

One of the key aspects of the Bavaria C50 Style is its size and volume. With a five-meter beam and a low-profile cabin top, the yacht offers plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing. The cockpit is expansive, providing ample room for guests to enjoy their time on board. Designed by Italian Laurette Co Co City, the boat's maximum beam and large volume create a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

The yacht comes standard with an aluminum Selden rig and Elvstrom sails, ensuring a high-quality sailing experience. All halyards, sheets, and control lines are conveniently located at the helm station, with a pair of winches on each side, one of which is electric. The lines run through channels under the deck, keeping them out of sight and maintaining the yacht's clean aesthetic.

The Bavaria C50 Style features a boarding platform that folds down from the transom, providing easy access to the water. Additionally, the yacht has space for a 2.6-meter tender beneath the transom. The anchor winch, located at the bow, can be operated from the cockpit for added convenience.

Below deck, the yacht's spacious design continues with a large galley, abundant natural light, and various cabin layout options. This particular boat has three double cabins, two aft and one forward, as well as a U-shaped galley with ample storage and refrigeration. The light oak cabinetry and numerous windows create an open and airy atmosphere, making the interior feel more like a home than a boat.

The Bavaria C50 Style also includes a navigational station with a B&G NavEvo system for controlling electronics and lighting. The yacht is powered by an 85 horsepower Yanmar engine with a sail drive, ensuring smooth and reliable sailing.

Priced at around 850,000 New Zealand dollars, the Bavaria C50 Style offers an excellent value for its size, features, and quality. With its spacious design, user-friendly systems, and luxurious amenities, this yacht is perfect for those seeking an unforgettable sailing experience.

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SizeMatters - Bavaria C50 CheckIn

The video provides a detailed overview of the 2022 Bavaria C50 yacht, named "Size Matters," focusing on various features, controls, and maintenance aspects that are essential for a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

The yacht's 12-volt panel is located inside a cabinet and controls various functions such as lights, autopilot, refrigerator, water pump, and bilge pump. The video also demonstrates how to check water, fuel, and battery levels on a screen nearby. Additional switches for 230-volt appliances and generator controls are found in another cabinet. The boat's two water tanks have valves that should be open one at a time, and the water pump can be easily located by starting it and tracing the sound.

In the bathroom, the video discusses the importance of keeping the waste valve closed while in marinas and swimming areas and only opening it when at least three miles away from the shore. The toilet and shower pumps are explained, along with the automatic operation of the shower pumps.

The video moves on to describe the location of fuses for the bow thruster and anchor, as well as the cooking gas valve and main gas valve. The boat also features a propane grill with a separate gas valve. The helm station is equipped with various instruments, including bow thruster control, autopilot, chart plotter, and separate instruments displaying important data.

To start and stop the engine, the video demonstrates using the power button and corresponding start and stop buttons. While the engine is running, it is essential to check the water cooling system to ensure proper operation. The anchor remote control is located near the helm station, and the diesel intake is on the starboard side of the boat.

Regarding sails, the Bavaria C50 features a roller mainsail and a furling jib. The video demonstrates how to open and close the sails, highlighting the importance of coordinating between crew members to ensure smooth operation. The swimming platform can be controlled using a button near the stern, and a manual bilge pump is also located on the stern port side of the boat.

Lastly, the video covers the location of life jackets, navigation equipment, boat manuals, and other essential equipment stored in various compartments throughout the yacht. In case of an emergency, an emergency tiller can be found in one of the lazarettes.


Spec IDImperialMetric
Water Tank620 l
CE CategoryA12 / B16 / C18
DesignerCossutti Yacht Design
Length Overall15.43 m
Length Hull14.99 m
Length Waterline14.28 m
Beam of Hull5.00 m
Displacement Standard15.423 kg
Draught Standard2.30 m
Draught Option1.85 m
Ballast Standard4.206 kg
Total Sail Area Standard131.2 m²
Mainsail75.2 m²
Mainsail Furling61.5 m²
Jib56.0 m²
Genoa63.5 m²
Gennaker194.0 m²
Code 0105.0 m²
Mast Length from Waterline Excluding Windex23.25 m
I - Foretriangle Height20.00 m
J - Foretriangle Base5.77 m
P - Mainsail Hoist19.25 m
E - Mainsail Foot6.66 m