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The Bavaria C57 is a versatile and luxurious sailing yacht designed to deliver excellent performance, comfort, and style. Its innovative design, spacious interiors, and range of customization options make it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern sailing yacht that meets their unique requirements.

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Bavaria Yachts

Quick Take

The Bavaria C57 is a luxury sailing yacht designed to offer performance, comfort, and style. This modern yacht combines innovative design elements and advanced technology to provide a unique sailing experience. Here are some key features of the Bavaria C57:

Design: The Bavaria C57 has been designed by the renowned Italian naval architect Maurizio Cossutti. The yacht's sleek and modern exterior design is characterized by its long waterline, plumb bow, and elegant lines. The hull is constructed using a vacuum-infused sandwich construction method, providing strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight structure.

Performance: The yacht's performance is enhanced by its optimized hull shape, a tall rig, and high-quality sail handling systems. The C57 is equipped with a powerful engine, which allows for efficient motoring when necessary. The yacht's underbody design, featuring a T-shaped keel and twin rudders, provides excellent stability and maneuverability, ensuring a responsive and enjoyable sailing experience.

Interior: The interior of the Bavaria C57 is designed for comfort and luxury. It features a spacious, open-plan layout with ample natural light, thanks to large windows and skylights. The main saloon offers a comfortable seating area and a dining table that can accommodate up to eight guests. The yacht is available in various layouts, including a three, four, or five-cabin version, allowing owners to choose the configuration that best suits their needs.

Exterior: The exterior of the C57 features a spacious cockpit with twin helm stations, providing excellent visibility and easy access to sail controls. There is a large fold-down swim platform at the stern, which extends the living space and provides easy access to the water. The foredeck offers additional lounging and sunbathing areas, making the yacht an ideal choice for those who enjoy spending time outdoors while cruising.

Customization options: Bavaria Yachts offers a range of customization options for the C57, allowing owners to tailor the yacht to their specific requirements. These options include various interior finishes, upholstery choices, and equipment packages. Additionally, owners can select from different sail plans and keel configurations to optimize the yacht's performance based on their sailing preferences.

Bring your wallet, as the base price starts around $500k USD, it can climb to over $900k once you start ticking customizations boxes. Rest assured, though, you'll be thoroughly happy and comfortable anywhere in between.


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Sailing Aequus

Bavaria C57 Full Boat Tour | Sailing Aequus - Episode 5

  • "Initially, we didn't have a water maker, but after sailing in the Caribbean for a few months and not going into a marina, we realized how important it is."

  • "The cockpit is very spacious, and we have a fantastic sailing position with the twin helms."

  • "We have a B&G Vulcan navigation system at each helm, which gives us charts, radar, and forward-looking sonar."

  • "We've got a built-in drinks cooler just here, which is very handy for getting cold drinks out while you're sailing."

  • "We upgraded our anchor to a Rocna anchor, and this has given us such good holding that we sleep well at night knowing we're not going to drift."

Here we have a comprehensive tour of the yacht Equus, focusing on its various features, specifications, and modifications made by the owners to suit their needs. The yacht serves as a comfortable and luxurious home for the owners while sailing around the world.

The tour begins with the water maker, a critical component for extended sailing trips. Initially, the owners did not have a water maker, but after sailing in the Caribbean for months without access to a marina, they realized its importance. The water maker installed on the yacht can produce 170 liters of fresh drinking water per hour by desalinating seawater. It is crucial for showering and cooking on long journeys.

The boat's interior features three bedrooms, with the third one currently being used for storage. The cockpit is spacious and designed for optimal sailing experience, boasting twin helms for excellent visibility. The yacht is equipped with a B&G Vulcan navigation system at each helm, providing access to charts, radar, and forward-looking sonar. The helms also have controls for the engine, bow thruster, stern thruster, and autopilot, ensuring easy maneuverability.

One of the favorite features of the boat is the built-in drink cooler, which allows for easy access to cold beverages while sailing. The yacht also has an outdoor sink and a folding BBQ, making it perfect for outdoor dining and entertaining. The bathing platform at the back of the boat is another luxury feature, allowing for easy access to the water and loading of water sports equipment.

The yacht's anchor is of utmost importance, providing stability and security while at anchor. The owners upgraded to a Rocna anchor, which ensures a restful night's sleep without worrying about drifting. The sail locker houses two spare sails, a cruising chute for downwind sailing, and a Code Zero for light wind sailing. The mainsail is in-mast furling, and the self-tacking jib is on a furler.

Safety is a top priority on Equus. The yacht is equipped with a custom-built solar arch, housing 960 watts of solar panels, providing around 4.5 kilowatts of energy per day. An offshore life raft is stored at the back, ready to be deployed in case of an emergency. A grab bag containing survival essentials, such as water, food, flares, and a VHF radio, is kept nearby. Additionally, an automatic dan buoy and a safety sling are on board, designed to assist in man-overboard situations.

In case of an emergency that requires abandoning the ship, an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is carried, which sends out a distress signal with the yacht's information and location. Other essential emergency equipment includes bungs to plug holes in the hull, an axe for breaking through panels, and an epoxy putty stick for repairing underwater damage. Flares and a first aid kit are also readily accessible.

The Bavaria yacht's flat coach roof design and Lumar flush hatches provide an impressive amount of light in the interior. With a beam of 5.28 meters, the yacht offers ample living and storage space, both inside and out. The tender garage stores water sports equipment, snorkeling gear, and other essentials when not in use. A passerelle, or boarding ladder, is available for safe access to the dock.

The yacht Equus is a well-appointed and luxurious vessel, designed with comfort, safety, and practicality in mind. The owners have made several modifications and upgrades to ensure smooth sailing and an enjoyable living experience. From the navigation and safety equipment to the convenient outdoor amenities, the yacht is ideal for long sailing trips and exploring the world in style.

Ryan & Sophie Sailing

The hidden costs of sailing a brand new BAVARIA C57 + boat tour

Owning a luxury yacht is a dream for many sailing enthusiasts, but it can also be a complex and expensive endeavor. In a detailed yacht review, the owners of a Bavaria C57, James and Philippa, share their experience of purchasing a brand new yacht, the costs involved, and the lessons they learned throughout the process.

To begin with, James and Philippa discuss the reasons behind their decision to purchase a new yacht, highlighting the allure of a customized, modern design, and the potential for better resale value. However, they also acknowledge the financial risks involved, as their boat manufacturer, Bavaria, went into administration shortly after they placed their order. Thankfully, they eventually received their yacht, but they now recommend employing a solicitor or lawyer and using an escrow account to protect the buyer's investment.

In terms of the purchasing process, the couple advises holding back a portion of the payment until the boat is delivered and ensuring everything is in working order. They also suggest spending more time at the marina before setting sail, as they encountered several issues during their first few weeks on the water. If they were to purchase another new yacht, they would engage professionals to thoroughly inspect the boat before departing.

As for the costs involved, the purchase price of their yacht, including all options and tax, totaled $924,555. The base price for the Bavaria C57 was around $500,000, but with a variety of options and upgrades such as navigation equipment, chart plotters, radar, AIS, VHF, electric winches, self-tacking jib, air conditioning, generator, inverter, washing machine, and more, the final cost was significantly higher.

The couple also discusses the annual costs associated with yacht ownership, estimating maintenance and repairs at $14,000 per year, including routine upkeep, hauling out the yacht, anti-fouling, and equipment upgrades. Marina fees vary depending on the location, with annual costs of $20,000 in the Mediterranean and $3,000 in the Caribbean. The difference is mainly due to the higher cost of marina stays in the Mediterranean and the greater availability of safe anchorages in the Caribbean.

Fuel expenses are also impacted by the sailing location, with the Mediterranean requiring an estimated $11,000 per year in fuel costs, while the Caribbean is significantly less at $3,000. This is due to less consistent wind in the Mediterranean, resulting in more engine usage, and higher fuel prices compared to the Caribbean.

Insurance is another significant expense, with James and Philippa initially paying $3,500 per year for comprehensive coverage in the Mediterranean. However, upon crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean, their insurance costs skyrocketed to $10,500 annually, attributed to higher risks associated with the region, such as hurricanes.

Owning a luxury yacht like the Bavaria C57 comes with substantial financial and logistical considerations. Prospective buyers should thoroughly research their options, be prepared for unexpected costs, and take the time to ensure their investment is well-protected. By learning from the experiences of others, like James and Philippa, yacht owners can better navigate the exciting world of sailing and enjoy their time on the water.


German Beauty !!! 2023 Bavaria C57

If you could tour a C57 while stuck in an elevator, this is the review for you.


£400,000 Yacht Tour : Bavaria C57

In this video, Nick provides a detailed review of the Bavaria C 57 sailing yacht, emphasizing its impressive size and luxurious features. The yacht, which is described as vast and very nice, boasts an innovative design that offers ample space for both sailing and relaxation.

Starting with the exterior, the C57 features a drop-down transom that serves as a bathing platform. A unique aspect of this boat is the garage located beneath the cockpit floor, which can house a tender. The boat is also equipped with in-mast furling for the mainsail and a roller furling self-tacking foresail, making it easy to sail and rig. The expansive deck offers plenty of space for movement and features a large spray hood, Bimini top, and twin helms. All lines lead back to power winches for easy handling, and the boat is fitted with side power bow and stern thrusters, as well as electronic engine controls.

The interior of the yacht is just as impressive, with a light wood finish and numerous windows and hatches providing a bright and airy atmosphere. The main living area features a large seating area surrounding a table, a pop-up TV, and a chart table. The galley is well-equipped with fridge drawers, a gimbal oven, a microwave, and ample storage. The design of the galley allows for users to comfortably cook and clean while underway.

The master cabin is spacious and well-lit, with hull windows and concealed lighting. It includes a dressing table and plenty of storage, as well as an ensuite shower and separate toilet. The yacht also has two additional cabins, both with ensuite facilities. One of the cabins features a day head, which serves as a larger shower area with separate access to the saloon.

Notable features of the Bavaria C57 include its versatility in terms of seating and sunbathing areas, as well as the engine access, which can be found in both aft cabins. The yacht is well-suited for extended trips, offering a comfortable and luxurious environment for its occupants. The light wood finish and numerous windows create a bright and welcoming atmosphere, while the various features ensure a comfortable sailing experience.

As always, Nick's reviews showcase a yacht's many appealing aspects and highlights, and in this case, its suitability for extended trips and adventures.

Yachting World

First look: Bavaria C57

"So what's immediately obvious is that a time and effort the very of poured into the interior design for this new C57 to give it a real premium feel."

In this video, Toby Hodges from Yachting World takes viewers on a tour of the new Bavaria Cruiser 57, the flagship sailing yacht from Bavaria. He explores the yacht's design, innovative features, and build quality, and interviews the boat's designer, Maurizio Cossutti.

One of the key features of the Cruiser 57 is its wide beam, which allows for a tender garage capable of storing a Williams jet mini jet tender. This garage sits between the two aft cabins, providing convenient storage without sacrificing living space. The yacht also boasts a built-in stepped walkway leading up to the cockpit, ensuring easy access and movement.

The yacht is designed with sail handling in mind, bringing all controls aft to the twin helm stations. The spacious guest cockpit is separated from the sail handling area, providing a comfortable and relaxing space for guests. The Cruiser 57 also features split tables that can be lowered to form sunbeds, and a flat coach roof that maximizes sunbathing areas and light from flush hatches.

Upon entering the interior of the Cruiser 57, it becomes apparent that Bavaria has put significant effort into the design, aiming for a premium feel. The yacht features two double cabins aft, a master cabin forward, and a wide galley situated forward of the saloon. This layout takes full advantage of the yacht's beam, creating a spacious and comfortable living area. Bavaria has paid attention to detail, using high-quality materials such as hardwood edges and premium leather.

The most revolutionary aspect of the Cruiser 57, however, is the change in build technique employed by Bavaria. The yacht is now constructed using vacuum infusion, and the interior is built in modules off the boat, using bulkhead receivers. This method, along with the use of longitudinal stringers, ensures a stiffer and stronger boat than previous models.

In his interview with designer Maurizio Cossutti, Hodges discusses the powerful yet elegant hull design of the Cruiser 57, and Cossutti reveals that the boat is designed with performance in mind. While primarily a cruising yacht, the Cruiser 57 can also be fitted with a carbon mast and deeper keel, making it suitable for racing. This versatility opens up new possibilities for Bavaria and its customers, moving beyond pure cruising and chartering towards a more performance-oriented sailing experience.

Toby states the Bavaria Cruiser 57 represents a new direction for the company, combining luxury, innovation, and performance in their flagship sailing yacht. The boat's unique design, build quality, and versatility promise to provide an enjoyable sailing experience for both cruising and racing enthusiasts.

The Marine Channel

Bavaria C57 Style Full Walkthrough | The Marine Channel

In the video, David from The Marine Channel introduces the Bavaria C57 Style, a spacious yacht that offers luxury at a price under a million pounds. At 57 feet, the yacht boasts ample space and is designed to provide comfort and ease of sailing.

Starting at the stern, David showcases the large bathing platform, which is one of the largest in its class. The platform can be raised and lowered, and beneath it, there is a tender garage that can accommodate a Williams mini jet. A life raft can also be stored on one side of the platform. The cockpit is spacious, with two helms for sailing on either tack. It features a wet bar with a sink, grill, and chiller drawer. All the lines are fed under the deck, ensuring a clutter-free space.

The wide decks provide easy movement around the yacht. The rigging is chunky, and the boat features a self-tacking headsail and in-mast furling for the main sail, allowing for easy handling. The boat is designed for short-handed sailing, with bow and stern thrusters for easy maneuvering.

Inside the yacht, the living space resembles a large apartment. The dining area is large and comfortable, and the nav area features a chart table, storage, and a pop-up TV. A bespoke system monitors all onboard systems, such as lights, battery conditions, and water tanks, and can be controlled remotely from the helm.

The galley is well-equipped, with ample storage, a gimbaled cooker, a dishwasher, a fridge, and a freezer. The yacht has two aft cabins, both of which are doubles and feature en-suite bathrooms. The cabins are spacious, with large windows and plenty of storage. The en-suite bathrooms are well-lit and offer comfortable amenities.

The utility room can be customized to accommodate washing machines, ice makers, or other desired appliances. The main cabin in the bow is spacious, airy, and features low, easily accessible berths. The cabin has a separate shower cubicle on the port side, while the starboard side houses a toilet and basin.

In addition to the main living spaces, the yacht also includes a cozy crew cabin in the bow, complete with a berth, toilet, and basin. The inclusion of the crew cabin allows for more volume in the main cabin below.

Overall, the Bavaria C57 Style offers an abundance of space, luxury, and sailing ease at a competitive price. The yacht's design prioritizes comfort and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an affordable yet luxurious sailing experience.

Sail Universe

Bavaria C57: we talk with Maurizio Cossutti, designer of the boat

Maurizio Cossutti discusses the challenges and benefits of working with a larger yacht company, such as Bavaria Yachts. With a rich history and a well-established reputation, Bavaria Yachts has specific expectations for their boat designs, and the process of designing and producing a new yacht can be both challenging and rewarding for Cossutti.

One of the main differences when working with a large company like Bavaria Yachts, as Cossutti explains, is the need to collaborate with various organizations and people. This can sometimes result in slower decision-making processes, which can conflict with the tight schedules required for designing and producing a new yacht. However, the collaboration with a large and experienced company also allows for learning opportunities, particularly in the area of standardization.

Standardization is essential for large companies like Bavaria Yachts, as it allows them to use existing parts on new boats while still creating a unique and innovative design. This requires a significant amount of time for engineering, as the design must be prepared and ready for production. The process of transferring existing parts to a new boat while maintaining a distinct design is challenging for Cossutti, but ultimately rewarding.

Cossutti also highlights the differences between working with smaller yacht yards in Italy and the more structured approach of larger companies like Bavaria Yachts. In smaller yards, designers can work closely with skilled craftsmen and make adjustments to designs on the fly. In contrast, larger companies require a more rigid and well-documented design process, with all details clearly outlined and ready for production.

Saving time during the yacht building process is crucial, as each hour saved can be multiplied by the number of boats the company hopes to sell. This is important not only for the yacht company's bottom line but also for ensuring the longevity and success of the yard itself.


Spec IDImperialMetric
Water Tank650 l
CE CategoryA15
DesignerCossutti Yacht Design
Length Overall16.67 m
Length Hull16.16 m
Length Waterline15.62 m
Beam of Hull5.28 m
Displacement Standard18.157 kg
Draught Standard2.50 m
Draught Option2.00 m
Ballast Standard5.215 kg
Total Sail Area Standard136.5 m²
Mainsail80.0 m²
Mainsail Furling66.0 m²
Jib56.5 m²
Genoa69.0 m²
Gennaker232.0 m²
Code 0123.0 m²
Mast Length from Waterline Excluding Windex24.26 m
I - Foretriangle Height20.40 m
J - Foretriangle Base6.20 m
P - Mainsail Hoist20.00 m
E - Mainsail Foot6.88 m