Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is a luxurious and high-performance sailing yacht with an elegant design and a range of customization options, offering a unique and comfortable sailing experience.

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The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is a luxurious sailing yacht designed for offshore blue water cruising, providing a comfortable and elegant environment for living aboard or working remotely. Its design, performance, and customization options make it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality sailing experience.

Design & Performance: The Oceanis Yacht 54 boasts a sleek and modern design with a focus on performance and ease of handling. It features a chined hull, twin rudders, and a perfectly balanced sail plan, ensuring smooth and stable sailing even in challenging conditions. The yacht's helm is light, requiring only fingertip steering, and offers exceptional maneuverability.

Interior: The interior of the Oceanis Yacht 54 is spacious and elegantly designed, providing a luxurious and comfortable living space. The master cabin includes a large desk area, ample storage, and beautifully crafted cabinetry. The bathroom is equally impressive, with a separate shower area featuring a bench. The U-shaped galley is well-equipped, ensuring safe and functional cooking even in rough sea conditions.

Exterior: The exterior of the Oceanis Yacht 54 offers a spacious and functional layout, with a large cockpit area perfect for entertaining or relaxing. The expansive windows provide stunning sea views and fill the interior with natural light. The yacht's design prioritizes both performance and aesthetics, resulting in a visually striking vessel.

Customization Options: Beneteau offers a range of customization options for the Oceanis Yacht 54 to cater to individual preferences and needs. Buyers can choose between different trim packages, such as the Comfort or Lux trim packs, which include different electronic packages. Additional options include a stern thruster, generator, air conditioning, and a dedicated diesel heater for sailing in colder climates.

Pricing: The base price of a Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is around $580,000 to $590,000. However, the final price can vary significantly depending on the selected options and customization choices. Fully equipped, the price can reach around $825,000, excluding shipping and commissioning taxes.


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Best monohull for living aboard? Here is the Oceanis Yacht 54

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht series, featuring the 54 and 60 models, are designed for offshore blue water cruising, offering an ideal environment for living aboard or working remotely. These yachts showcase spacious, beautifully designed interiors that provide a sense of comfort and luxury.

The master cabin features a large desk area and impressive living space, with expansive windows offering stunning sea views. The cabin is spacious, sleek, and includes a remarkable bathroom with a separate shower area featuring a bench. Additionally, there is ample storage and beautifully crafted cabinetry throughout.

The galley is designed in a U-shape, providing a safe and functional workspace for cooking even in rough sea conditions. The yacht also boasts a wine cooler, ensuring that your favorite beverages are always readily available. The video highlights the yacht's thoughtful design and luxurious amenities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an exceptional sailing experience.

Yachting World

Smart thinking! Sailing the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54

  • "Biscontini may have drawn a very beamy hull shape, so there's plenty of space, but his fellow Italian Lorenzo Argento has given this a very inviting, naturally light look, and light woodwork as well and furnishing."

  • "Plenty of work surface space, plenty of space for your mod cons, loads of refrigeration space in that domestic style fridge and a drop-down fridge there as well."

  • "You've got Beneteau's neat touchscreen system here, so it's easy to check battery status, look at the water tank, see how high the water tanks are full."

  • "The forward cabin features a large island berth with walk-around access on both sides. Natural light floods the cabin through overhead hatches and large hull ports."

  • "The heads and shower are separated, providing a sense of space and functionality. Quality fixtures and fittings are found throughout the cabin, along with soft-close drawers and magnetic latches on the doors."

  • "The engine, a Yamaha 80, is easily accessible through the lifting grand staircase and large panels on either side."

  • "The term Oceanis Yacht may get lost in translation a little as you may naturally relate it to the Oceanis range, but this is Beneteau's premium range, more semi-custom yachts with higher spec and quality fit-outs."

  • "If you're a fan of the Oceanis 46.1 or the 51.1, where did you go to in the Beneteau range before now if you wanted something larger, faster, sexier, higher-end? Beneteau didn't really have an option. Well, they do now, definitely."

Toby Hodges from Yachting World a detailed walkthrough of the Oceanis Yacht 54 by Beneteau, highlighting its various features and design elements that make it a desirable option for those looking for a larger, faster, and higher-end yacht. Designed by America's Cup designer Roberto Biscontini and styled by Lorenzo Argento, the Oceanis Yacht 54 offers a perfect blend of space, speed, and comfort, especially for those who plan to sail in warmer waters.

The Oceanis Yacht 54 has a beamy hull shape, which provides plenty of space on board. The interior design, by Italian designer Lorenzo Argento, features light woodwork and furnishings, giving the yacht a naturally inviting and light atmosphere. The yacht is filled with natural light thanks to long coach roof windows, overheads, and large hull ports on both sides.

The galley area is spacious and well-equipped, with a large domestic-style fridge, a drop-down fridge, and an integrated microwave oven. Soft-close drawers are found throughout the boat, providing deep storage for various items. The galley also has ample work surface space, making it a functional and enjoyable area for preparing meals.

The saloon area is comfortable, with plenty of storage available under the seats and in the lift-up panels. The main switchboard and Beneteau's touchscreen system are conveniently located near the companionway, making it easy to check battery status and water tank levels. The chart table provides a tidy, well-lit space for navigation, and an optional push-button television can be raised from a hidden compartment.

The forward cabin features a large island berth with walk-around access on both sides. Natural light floods the cabin through overhead hatches and large hull ports. The heads and shower are separated, providing a sense of space and functionality. Quality fixtures and fittings are found throughout the cabin, along with soft-close drawers and magnetic latches on the doors.

The aft cabins are well-lit and provide good storage space, with the starboard cabin having private access to the heads. Large panels between the cabins provide access to the generator set, showcasing the yacht's beamy design. All three cabins are comfortable and well-appointed, with no sense of being in a lesser-quality space.

The engine, a Yamaha 80, is easily accessible through the lifting grand staircase and large panels on either side. The overall design of the Oceanis Yacht 54 is appealing, as it is part of Beneteau's premium range, offering higher-spec and more semi-custom options.

The Oceanis Yacht 54 by Beneteau is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade from the Oceanis 46.1 or 51.1 to a larger, faster, and more luxurious yacht. With its modern design, impressive performance, and comfortable living spaces, the Oceanis Yacht 54 is a potent and interesting option for sailing enthusiasts seeking an enjoyable experience on the water.


BENETEAU Oceanis Yacht 54: Full Review / Detailed Walkthrough

The 2021 Oceanis Yacht 54 is a luxury sailing cruiser designed to deliver exceptional performance and comfort, boasting innovative features and an attention to detail that sets it apart from other yachts in its class. The video review by Eric Levine, Sailboat Sales Manager for Beneteau America, highlights the unique features and design elements that make this yacht truly exceptional.

One of the standout features of the Oceanis Yacht 54 is the expansive terrace on the sea, which significantly increases the available space in the cockpit. The yacht is designed to be user-friendly and easy to sail, with a longitudinal dinghy garage that can house an 8-foot-2-inch inflated dinghy or a slightly larger deflated tender. The helm station is thoughtfully designed, with all controls within reach and a clear line of sight to the sails and deck.

The cockpit and deck area of the Oceanis Yacht 54 emphasize safety and comfort, featuring flush decks, easy access from the transom to the companionway, and ample seating and relaxation areas. The retractable tables and bonus seats under the dodger add versatility to the space. High lifelines, wide side decks, and convenient handholds ensure safety while moving around the yacht.

The foredeck is a favorite spot, with plush teak decks, wide lounge pads, and large hatches that provide excellent ventilation to the master cabin below. An enormous sail locker is also accessible through a large hatch, with the option to convert it into a skipper cabin with a 2-meter bed, toilet, and air conditioning.

The interior of the Oceanis Yacht 54 is a blend of luxury and practicality. The spacious C-shaped galley is designed for functionality both at the dock and underway, with ample storage and countertop space. The owner's lounge area doubles as a nav desk, and the C-shaped dinette can comfortably seat up to six guests. The master stateroom features the largest bed in its class, abundant storage, and separated head and shower compartments. The yacht is available in a three-cabin, two-head, or three-cabin, three-head configuration.

The Oceanis Yacht 54 offers various engine configurations, keel options, mast choices, and sail plans to suit individual preferences. In summary, the 2021 Oceanis Yacht 54 is a remarkable luxury cruiser that combines exceptional performance with innovative features and attention to detail, embodying the spirit of the Beneteau brand.


BENETEAU Oceanis Yacht 54: She is the best sailing yacht; Get to know why...


£600K Yacht Tour : Beneteau Oceanis 54 Yacht

Nick from AQUAHOLIC provides a comprehensive tour of the luxurious Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54. Nick believes this to be one of the nicest sailing boats he has ever been on, praising its sleek design, low cabin profile, and smooth exterior lines. The video showcases various features of the yacht, both inside and out, giving viewers a detailed look at what sets this vessel apart.

The tour starts at the yacht's stern, where nick demonstrates the tender garage, a feature not typically expected on a sailing boat. The garage is large enough to accommodate a Williams mini jet or a 2.4-meter inflatable, making it an impressive feature. Nick also points out the fold-out steps and walkway leading down to the bathing platform, emphasizing its ease of use.

Continuing the exterior tour, nick highlights the yacht's deck, which is designed to allow easy movement around the boat without having to clamber over seats or other people. The raised bulwarks surrounding the yacht contribute to a secure and comfortable feel. Nick also demonstrates the in-mast furling system, which simplifies sail management and is a popular feature among yacht owners.

The cockpit features dual helm stations, with navigation screens, engine controls, and autopilot systems. Nick explains the practical purpose of having two wheels on a sailing boat: it allows the captain to maintain an optimal view of the sails and the boat's surroundings regardless of the wind direction. The cockpit is also equipped with powered tables, which can be adjusted to create a sunbathing area or a dining space.

The interior of the yacht is spacious and well-appointed, with two different wood finishes available. The light oak finish, showcased in the video, creates an open and airy feel. The yacht's interior includes a well-equipped galley, a large seating and dining area, and a nav station. Nick praises the thoughtful lighting design and practical features, such as solid handrails and skylights that provide additional ventilation.

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 offers two layout options: a two-cabin, two-head configuration or a three-cabin, three-head configuration. In the video, nick showcases the master cabin, which features large windows, ample storage, and separate toilet and shower compartments. The two aft cabins are similarly well-appointed, with double beds, storage, and hull windows.

Finally, Nick shows viewers the yacht's engine compartment, which is accessible via a panel under the stairs. The 110-horsepower engine is designed primarily for harbor maneuvering, but it provides enough power for those instances when sailing isn't possible.

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is a luxurious and well-designed sailing boat, offering a perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality. The video provides a thorough tour of the yacht's exterior and interior features, showcasing its versatility and impressive amenities. This yacht is an ideal choice for those who appreciate both the aesthetics and the practicality of a top-tier sailing vessel.


Modern & Versatile !!! 2023 Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54

Sean Smith Yacht Consulting

Brand New Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 Walkthrough Tour

Sean Smith provides a detailed walkthrough and tour of the brand new Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54. This particular yacht features a white hull, teak decks, and a stylish design. The tour begins at the bow and moves through the exterior, cockpit, and interior, showcasing the boat's elegant design and practical features.

The bow features a stainless steel Lumar anchor and a custom pad eye and ring for a tack line. Additionally, there is a stainless bob stay for a Code Zero sail. The yacht is equipped with an electric furler, which is an option from the Beneteau factory. The teak decks provide a luxurious look and feel, while the deep tow rail ensures a comfortable and secure experience when walking around the yacht.

The cockpit of the Oceanis Yacht 54 is designed with a central layout, allowing for easy movement around the boat without disturbing the helmsman. The yacht has two helm stations, each equipped with a large B&G multi-function display, electric winch controls, and other essential controls. The starboard helm has throttle control and serves as the primary helm station. The cockpit also features a unique electric swim platform and a dinghy garage, providing convenient access to the water.

The interior of the Oceanis Yacht 54 is both spacious and well-appointed, with a light oak finish. The galley includes a tall refrigerator with a freezer, ample storage, a three-burner gimbal stove and oven, a wine fridge, and an additional top-loading freezer. The dedicated nav station allows for comfortable navigation, while the U-shaped salon table and lounge area provide ample space for relaxation.

The yacht's three-cabin, two-head layout features a spacious forward master cabin with a large centerline bed, seats on either side, touch screen lighting and air conditioning controls, and plenty of storage. The en-suite head has an elegant design with an electric toilet that can use either fresh or salt water. The separate shower stall provides added convenience. The two aft cabins offer comfortable accommodations with storage, headroom, and charging ports for guests.

The engine room houses a Yanmar 110 horsepower turbo diesel engine, with easy access to all essential components. In conclusion, the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is a luxurious and well-designed sailing yacht that combines style, comfort, and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both the aesthetics and practicality of a high-quality sailing vessel.

Adam Fischer Yachts

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54

Hosted by Adam from South Coast Yachts, the review takes place in San Diego, where the yacht is showcased at the Beneteau Invitational. The tour emphasizes the yacht's comfortable and elegant design, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking an upscale sailing experience.

Starting at the exterior, the yacht boasts a wide cockpit with a large swim platform, stainless steel antique stairs, and a dinghy garage. The garage, equipped with a winch system, makes loading and unloading the dinghy effortless. The cockpit offers ample space for guests to relax, with walk-around access to the helm stations. These stations feature electronic throttle, bow and stern thrusters, a quick winless anchor drop system, and a 10-inch B&G multifunction display. Additionally, all lines for sails lead back to the helm station, allowing for easy single-handed or short-handed sailing without disturbing guests.

The Oceanus Yacht 54 also includes an innovative direct access hatch to the dinghy garage, providing additional storage and convenience when loading groceries or laundry. The smooth walk-around design eliminates the need to step over any obstacles, while high bullworks and lifelines enhance safety. The deck, made of teak, leads to a spacious bow area with lounge pads for sunbathing and relaxation.

Below deck, the yacht offers a generous living space with approximately seven feet of headroom. The salon features a large settee, ample hidden storage, and a beautiful leather finish. The AC/DC control panels and other systems, such as the Fusion stereo with Bluetooth capabilities, are neatly concealed, contributing to the yacht's elegant aesthetic. The spacious galley includes a full-size refrigerator, microwave, pantry, and a two-burner gimbal stove and oven combo. The salon and galley are illuminated with recessed LED lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The yacht's sleeping quarters consist of two aft cabins and a forward master cabin. Each cabin offers a double-sized bed, plenty of storage, and air conditioning controls. The aft head can be accessed from the starboard aft cabin or the main salon, while the forward master cabin features a dedicated shower and head. Magnetic doors, high-quality wood finishes, and LED lighting throughout the cabins add to the overall luxurious feel of the yacht.

The engine compartment houses a Yanmar diesel engine, with options for a 110-horsepower shaft drive or an 85-horsepower sail drive. The compartment is easily accessible from both port and starboard cabins, simplifying routine maintenance.

The Oceanus Yacht 54 is a top-tier luxury sailing vessel that combines comfort, elegance, and functionality. With its spacious layout, high-quality finishes, and numerous amenities, it is perfect for those seeking a premium sailing experience. Interested buyers can contact Adam at South Coast Yachts for more information.


The New BENETEAU Oceanis Yacht 54: Excellence In Cruising

The Oceanis Yacht 54 is the latest addition to Beneteau's luxury cruiser segment, designed for long-distance sailing with style and safety. The review takes place in Risan and emphasizes the yacht's many features, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium sailing experience.

One of the key areas of focus in the video is comfort, as the Oceanis Yacht 54 is dedicated to cruising. The yacht features a generously proportioned swimming platform, a longitudinal dinghy garage that can accommodate a 2.4-meter long fully inflated dinghy, and a carefully designed cockpit layout. The reinvented central cockpit prioritizes safety and offers a single level connection to the side decks, high lifelines, and gentle access to the foredeck. It also divides the space according to use, with separate areas for maneuvers, dining, and relaxation. An optional large Bimini top covers the entire cockpit, while side awnings and a full closure option cater to cooler regions.

The helm station's design is crucial for controlling the boat without disturbing guests. The console is fitted with a grab rail, electronics, a 12-inch screen, ship control, Dock & Go, and an Arcane AST controller. All winches are located at the helm station for easy access. The sail plan, developed by Roberto Biscontini, offers two different versions for customer satisfaction. The foredeck also features a large sunbed and a locker that can be converted into a skipper cabin.

The interiors, designed by Lorenzo Argento, showcase optimized space, ergonomics, and a blend of materials. The spacious U-shaped saloon offers a large table for six people, and the C-shaped galley is functional with high fiddles and a grab rail. The chart table serves as the owner's corner. The master cabin emphasizes natural light, storage, and quality materials, while the forward cabin features an ensuite washroom and an independent shower. The aft area includes two similarly-sized guest cabins, with one offering direct access to the aft washroom. The yacht is powered by an 80 horsepower sail drive engine, with an optional 110 horsepower shaft drive.

The Oceanis Yacht 54 by Beneteau is a revolutionary luxury cruiser that offers a perfect blend of comfort, innovation, and performance. Its reinvented central cockpit, cutting-edge technology, and elegant interiors make it an ideal choice for sailors with high expectations.

Paul Briant

Beaneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 First sail. Testing the balance.

Embarking on their maiden sail aboard the newly commissioned Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54, the team explored San Diego Bay in favorable winds. In the video, they evaluate the yacht's balance by centering the helm with the autopilot's rudder reference bar and allowing it to navigate independently. Impressively, the boat maintained a straight and true course for around three minutes in breezy conditions. Furthermore, the helm required only minimal effort for steering, demonstrating the yacht's exceptional handling capabilities.


Everything You Need To Know About The New BENETEAU Oceanis Yacht 54

The Oceanis Yacht 54 by Beneteau is an exceptional cruising yacht that offers a luxurious sailing experience while integrating advanced technology. This yacht review, presented by Mark Pillsbury from Cruising World and a representative from Beneteau, explores the features, construction, and various options available to buyers.

First and foremost, the Oceanis Yacht 54 has a unique cockpit design that allows for a comfortable sailing experience. The cockpit is designed as a center cockpit rather than the traditional stern setup. This layout allows for more space and seating, making it a popular area for the crew to gather while sailing. The arch over the cockpit with the main sheet anchored on top keeps lines out of the way, and it comes as a standard feature.

The sail plans available for the Oceanis Yacht 54 include a standard roller furler system with a 79 ft air draft and a performance mast with a fully batten main sail boasting an 85 ft air draft. The performance mast provides 32% more sail area, making it a popular choice for those looking for increased performance. Sailors also have the option of choosing between a furling genoa or a self-tacking jib.

An interesting addition to the rigging is the Harken AST (Assisted Sail Trim) system. This technology has three main features: a heel limiter, automatic tacking, and automatic trimming. The heel limiter allows sailors to set a limit on the boat's heel angle, providing a stable and comfortable sailing experience. However, it's important to note that the AST system is a standalone package and cannot be combined with other performance packs.

The boat comes with a standard sprit, which also incorporates the anchor roller. Additionally, the Oceanis Yacht 54 offers a Dock & Go option that includes a rotating sail drive, a bow thruster, and a joystick for easy maneuvering. This option is particularly useful in marinas where boats are tightly packed.

Moving on to the interior, the Oceanis Yacht 54 boasts a luxurious design with a focus on lighting and comfort. The C-shaped galley offers ample storage and is designed for both dockside and blue water sailing. The nav station doubles as a lounging area, while the large C-shaped table in the saloon can accommodate six to eight guests. The yacht is available in two configurations: a three-cabin, two-head version, and a three-cabin, three-head version. The owner's cabin features the largest bed in its class and separate shower and head compartments.

The electrical system on the Oceanis Yacht 54 is partially digital, with a standard ship control system that can be managed through a smartphone, iPad, or at the helm. This system allows for seamless control of various boat systems, including lighting, air conditioning, and monitoring tank levels.

The construction of the Oceanis Yacht 54 includes a balsa-cored hull and deck, cast iron keels, and a vacuum-infused structural liner. The boat also features an aluminum substructure for added rigidity. Two keel options are available: an 8 ft 2 in standard draft and a 6 ft 7 in shoal draft.

The Oceanis Yacht 54 offers various trim packs and options, such as air conditioning, a generator, and a stern thruster, allowing buyers to customize the boat according to their needs. The base price for an 80-horsepower sail drive model is $586,000, while the fully-equipped version can reach up to $825,000, depending on the options selected.


Spec IDImperialMetric
CE CategoryA - 10 people, B - 12 people, C - 14 peopleA - 10 people, B - 12 people, C - 14 people
Water Tank16 600kg36,586 lbs
Fresh Water Tank720L190 US Gal
Hull Speed9.48 knots
Power/Weight4266.4 lbs/in
Length Overall17,12m56’2’’
Length Hull15,98m52’5’’
Length Waterline15,40m50’6’’
Beam Max5,00m16’5’’
Draught Standard2,50m8’2’’
Draught Shallow2,00m6’7’’
Mainsail63,00m2678 sq/ft
Jib51,00m2549 sq/ft
Genoa65,00m2700 sq/ft
Code 0150,00m21,614 sq/ft
Spinnaker210,00m22,260 sq/ft
I - Foretriangle Height19,90m65’3’’
J - Foretriangle Base6,80m22’4’’
P - Mainsail Hoist20,00m65’7’’
E - Mainsail Foot6,80m22’4’’
Mainsail83,00m2894 sq/ft
Jib56,00m2603 sq/ft
Genoa70,00m2754 sq/ft
Code 0166,00m21,787 sq/ft
Spinnaker260,00m22,800 sq/ft
I - Foretriangle Height21,75m75’2’’
J - Foretriangle Base6,80m22’4’’
P - Mainsail Hoist22,00m75’6’’
E - Mainsail Foot6,80m22’4’’