Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

An impressive 30-foot cruising yacht that offers easy handling, ample space, and efficient sailing performance. Feels bigger than it is.

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The Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 is a versatile and compact cruising yacht designed by Finot Conq for the exterior and Nauta Design for the interior. This model provides a balance of performance, comfort, and easy handling, making it a popular choice for both experienced sailors and beginners.

Design and Performance: The Oceanis 30.1 features a unique hull with a vertical bulwark that enhances performance without affecting the waterline. It is slightly narrower than its predecessor, the Oceanis 31, to reduce transportation costs. The yacht has a double steering position and twin rudders for efficient steering. Its rigging lacks backstays, which enables easy handling and sail management. The boat's flattened fiddles contribute to safety, and its performance in various conditions is smooth and responsive.

Exterior: The exterior of the Oceanis 30.1 boasts a large working area on the foredeck and a bow sprit, which is unusual for a 30-footer. The anchor locker can accommodate around 80 meters of chain, allowing anchoring in deeper waters. The cockpit is spacious enough for six people and features a large rope locker on the starboard side for storing fenders, safety equipment, and ropes. A swim platform and ladder are also included, although there is no dedicated space for a life raft in the cockpit.

Interior: The interior, designed by Nauta Design, maximizes available space. The master cabin has a double door that opens up to create an open space with the saloon, which can accommodate up to six people. The L-shaped galley includes a sink, two burners, an oven, and a large fridge. Opposite the galley, there is a spacious head, which is unusual for a 30-footer. A decent guest cabin is located on the port side.

Customization Options: The Oceanis 30.1 offers various customization options, including different sail plans, such as a self-tacking jib, an asymmetric spinnaker, or a code zero sail. There may also be options for upgrading the electronics, winches, and other equipment to suit individual preferences and sailing requirements.

Pricing: The price of a Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 can vary depending on the customization options, equipment, and location. The base price for a new Oceanis 30.1 was around $100,000, but can be had fully-optioned around $175,000-195,000.


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Yachting Monthly

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 - crammed full of smart ideas - Yachting Monthly

The Beneteau 30.1 is a fun and versatile yacht, well-suited for those looking to start cruising. While it may have less space than larger yachts, the Beneteau 30.1 offers significant savings on purchase price, running costs, and mooring fees. With its clever design and attention to detail, this yacht offers an excellent value for potential buyers.

Theo Stocker from Yachting Monthly takes us on a tour of the Beneteau 30.1, a boat that was first tested a few years ago and received much praise. At just over 30 feet, the Beneteau 30.1 is a small and narrow yacht, with a beam of just 9 feet 9 inches, or slightly under three meters. However, it has a generous draft of 1.9 meters, or just over 6 feet, making it well suited for light wind sailing. The narrow beam and deep keel, coupled with a tall rig, allow for efficient reefing when the wind picks up.

The exterior of the Beneteau 30.1 boasts a drop-down transom for easy access to the water and a small bathing platform. The aft section of the boat features large hull chines, which help to maximize interior volume. The cockpit has two helm stations with engine controls on the starboard side, Harken winches for the Genoa sheets, and a bridle for the main sheet. The boat is also equipped with a fiberglass table that can accommodate up to six people.

Some notable features of the cockpit include a spacious locker with room for a dinghy, fenders, and heating system, a gas strut on the locker door to prevent accidental closures, and a light for visibility in the dark. The boat is also fitted with B&G Electronics, a chart plotter, compass, and a single instrument repeater.

Moving on to the side decks, the Beneteau 30.1 offers decent walking space despite its narrow beam. The yacht is fitted with a Delta anchor and a generously sized anchor locker. Additionally, there is a pad eye for setting an asymmetric sail or Code Zero, depending on the sailor's preference.

Descending into the saloon, the Beneteau 30.1 features an L-shaped galley with a sink, drawers, oven, and two-burner gas stove. Food storage is limited due to the narrow beam, but a large cool box provides ample space for perishables. The heads compartment is surprisingly spacious for a 30-foot yacht, with a shower, draining floor, sink, and locker. The boat also has a holding tank for environmental compliance.

The yacht features two double cabins, both equipped with storage spaces, shelves, and heating vents. The saloon is bright and well-lit, with large hull and coach roof windows. A fold-down chart table provides a comfortable space for navigation and laptop use. The forward cabin offers standing headroom of around 180 centimeters and ample storage space, including a full hanging locker and shelved storage.

While the Beneteau 30.1 offers great value for its price, some compromises have been made to make the boat more affordable. These include molded headlinings, veneered woodwork, and visible structural beams in the cabin sole. However, the boat has held up well after three years of use, showing minimal wear and tear.

Cape Yachts

Cape Yachts | Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 Customer Review

A couple shares their experiences with their new sailing yacht, the Oceanis 30.1. They began sailing a year after getting married, first as members of Courageous Sailing in Boston Harbor. After gaining experience on various sailboats, they decided to purchase their own boat. They had been interested in the Oceanis 30.1 for over a year, attracted to its compact size, ease of handling, and resemblance to the larger Oceanis models.

The couple first met Mark, a representative from Cape Yachts, at the Boston Boat Show. They were impressed by his attentiveness, patience, and willingness to answer their questions. They also appreciated that he allowed them to view the boat multiple times before making their decision. The couple had contacted other dealers, but they found that Mark was the most helpful and supportive, which was crucial for them as first-time boat owners.

Once they purchased the boat, Mark continued to provide assistance and guidance, helping them get acquainted with their new yacht. They found him to be more of a friend than just a salesman, and they felt comfortable reaching out to him with any questions or concerns.

The couple started an Instagram account to document their sailing adventures and connect with fellow sailors and Oceanis 30.1 owners. This has allowed them to share their experiences and receive advice from other sailors around the world, including a couple from Germany who were among the first to have the Oceanis 30.1 in the water. Their online sailing community has been instrumental in helping them with specific questions and issues that arise while sailing their boat.

One of their most memorable sailing experiences was an eight-hour trip from Boston to Provincetown during a small craft advisory, with seven-foot seas and 20-knot winds. Despite the rough conditions, the couple felt safe and secure aboard their Oceanis 30.1, and they were impressed with how well the boat handled the challenging weather. They found that their yacht performs optimally in up to 15 knots of wind without needing to reef.

The couple's positive experiences with the Oceanis 30.1 and the assistance of Cape Yachts' Mark in purchasing and learning about their new yacht have contributed to their enjoyment of boat ownership. They have found a supportive and helpful community among fellow sailors and Oceanis 30.1 owners, and they continue to share their sailing adventures on Instagram.

SVN solovelanet

Oceanis 30.1 - SVN Solovelanet Global (in English) - 4K

The review takes place at the Marina di Scarlino, Elba Island, which houses a boat test center for NSS, the company that manages Beneteau and Lagoon yachts.

The Oceanis 30.1, designed by Finot Conq and Nauta Design, features a unique hull with a vertical bulwark that does not affect the waterline or performance. The model is slightly narrower than its predecessor, the Oceanis 31, to reduce transportation costs from the shipyard to the final destination. The yacht's exterior features a large working area on the foredeck and a bow sprit, which is unusual for a 30-footer. The anchor locker is designed to accommodate around 80 meters of chain, enabling anchoring in deep waters.

One of the main highlights of the Oceanis 30.1 is its cockpit, which is spacious enough to accommodate six people comfortably. The yacht has a double steering position and twin rudders for efficient steering. The flattened fiddles contribute to safety on the boat. A swim platform and ladder are also included, although there is no dedicated space for a life raft in the cockpit.

The interior, designed by Nauta Design, maximizes available space. The master cabin has a double door that opens up to create an open space with the saloon, which can accommodate up to six people. The L-shaped galley includes a sink, two burners, an oven, and a large fridge. Opposite the galley, there is a spacious head, which is unusual for a 30-footer. A decent guest cabin is located on the port side.

The video demonstrates the yacht's sailing capabilities in 12-knot westerly winds and rough seas. The Oceanis 30.1's easy steering and smooth movement through the waves are highlighted. The twin rudder system ensures the helm remains responsive even when the boat is severely heeled over.

Chasing Latitudes

Sailing, The best small sailboats

In the video, the host discusses the impressive designs and capabilities of modern sailing vessels, focusing on two models from the renowned manufacturer Beneteau: the Oceanis 30.1 and the Oceanis 34.1. These boats showcase the innovative use of space, stunning designs, and ease of sailing that characterize many of today's sailboats.

The Beneteau Oceanis 30.1, first introduced in 2020, has won multiple awards, including European Yacht of the Year and Best Small Cruiser. The host emphasizes that the 30.1 is easy to sail, lively at the helm, and offers new experiences and thrills for sailors. This compact cruiser can be trailered, opening up endless possibilities for sailing on lakes, rivers, and canals. The Oceanis 30.1 comes in various configurations, including shoal draft, deep draft, lifting keel, and swing keel, making it adaptable to diverse sailing conditions. Additionally, it can be ordered with dual helms or a tiller. The host believes that the Oceanis 30.1 is perfect for solo sailors or couples looking to spend several years cruising the Caribbean.

The Beneteau Oceanis 34.1 is described as incredibly easy to sail and perfect for a small family. The vessel's sleek design, lightness, increased sail area, and spacious bow make it a standout choice among boats of its size. The deck layout has been redesigned for maximum comfort and safety, with uncluttered cockpit areas for relaxation and easy access to the swim platform. The interior features a chic, contemporary design with walnut or light oak finishes, natural light from deck hatches and portholes, and optimal ventilation.

The host compares these modern vessels to older, classic sailboats and argues that the modern designs offer numerous advantages in terms of comfort, user-friendliness, and ease of movement. He encourages viewers to consider these newer models as viable options for their sailing adventures, as they often require less refitting and can be more cost-effective than older blue water boats. The host concludes by inviting viewers to share their thoughts on modern sailboat designs in the comments and promises to cover more of Beneteau's new lineup and other manufacturers' models in future videos.


£112,000 Yacht Tour : Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

The Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 is a versatile and spacious 30-foot yacht that has been designed with a big yacht vibe. In this review, the features and layout of the boat are explored, showcasing its impressive design and the amenities it has to offer.

Starting at the back of the yacht, the Oceanis 30.1 features a drop-down bathing platform, which is a nice touch to extend the boat when anchored and swimming. The wheel steering, an optional feature, is located at the very back end of the boat, almost at the transom, allowing the helmsman to chat with guests without climbing over people. The winches have also been moved back, making it easy to maneuver the boat without disturbing guests.

The side decks of the Oceanis 30.1 have been designed to extend all the way to the back, allowing for easy access when moving forward. The boat comes with slab reefing as standard and a roller furling Genoa. Flush hatches are used on the deck, preventing the possibility of stubbing one's toe. The anchor winch is located at the foredeck, with the anchor chain locker and remote control for the winch nearby.

The Oceanis 30.1 offers various keel options, including deep keel, shoal keel, and lifting keel, catering to different sailing preferences and locations. Inside the boat, the light wood finish, white oak, combined with windows in the hull and coach roof, creates a bright and spacious interior. The table in the saloon can be lifted to create a dining area, and the boat features a large deck locker for storage.

In addition to the spacious saloon, the Oceanis 30.1 boasts one of the largest forward cabins for a 30-foot yacht, complete with double doors and concealed lighting. The heads are a decent size, with storage and a shower. Opposite the heads, the galley features a gimbaled cooker, sink, and a top-loading refrigerator.

The boat also has a second cabin that is a decent size for a 30-foot yacht, with storage and an opening window for ventilation. The engine, a 21 horsepower Yanmar diesel, is easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

Nick states the Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 is an impressive 30-foot yacht, packed with features that give it the feel of a much larger boat.

Beneteau America

Meet The Best 30-foot Sailboat Performance Cruiser: BENETEAU Oceanis 30.1

The base price for a brand new 2021 Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 is $134,000, with additional costs for freight, commissioning, and optional features. A fully loaded model can cost up to $197,000, but the reviewer suggests a price range of $175,000 to $195,000 for a well-equipped boat.

Introduced in the fall of 2019, the Oceanis 30.1 has already sold over 250 units, showcasing its widespread appeal among sailing enthusiasts. The reviewer demonstrates the yacht's features and performance, sharing his experience sailing the boat in San Diego Bay.

The exterior of the Oceanis 30.1 features a spacious cockpit with dual wheels, providing easy access to both sides of the boat. The yacht's design incorporates a chine, which gives it additional stability and interior volume. The reviewer particularly appreciates the functionality of the cockpit table and the convenient location of the winches and lines, which make sailing operations more accessible. He also highlights the fold-down swim platform, which can be locked off and offers a great place to put the name and hailing port of the boat.

Inside the Oceanis 30.1, the reviewer is impressed by the boat's headroom, as it offers around six feet two inches to six feet three inches of clearance throughout the cabin. This is particularly notable given the yacht's overall length of 31 feet. The interior features a comfortable salon with an optional fold-away navigation table, allowing for additional sleeping space when needed. The L-shaped galley is equipped with a two-burner propane stove, ample storage, and a sizable refrigerator. The yacht also includes an aft stateroom, accessible through the galley, with a hanging locker for clothing and storage.

The boat carries 34 gallons of fuel and 42 gallons of freshwater, and its electronic package includes a B&G VHF radio and a Fusion stereo system. The forward V-berth offers additional sleeping space, with hanging lockers on both port and starboard sides. Throughout the interior, LED lighting and carbon monoxide detectors ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

In terms of its sailing capabilities, the Oceanis 30.1 is equipped with an in-mast furling mainsail and a furling genoa. The reviewer demonstrates how easy it is to raise the sails and get the boat underway, emphasizing the yacht's user-friendly design. He also points out the easy access to the Yanmar diesel engine, with convenient locations for the impeller, belts, alternator, fuel filters, raw water intake filter, and coolant overflow. The 15-horsepower, three-cylinder engine provides ample power to propel the yacht when sailing is not an option.

The head is located on the starboard side of the boat and comes with an optional electric quiet flush toilet. A canvas curtain separates the shower area, keeping toiletries dry during use. The head also features a mirror, sink, and ample storage.

As the reviewer sails the Oceanis 30.1 in San Diego Bay, he highlights the ease of maneuvering the yacht, with smooth transitions between tacks and comfortable seating options on both the windward and leeward sides of the boat. The dual wheels provide excellent visibility and control, making docking and general handling stress-free.


BENETEAU Oceanis 30.1: Detailed walkthrough from Denison Yachting

Jeff Herman and Matthew Morrison from Denison Yachting review the 2021 Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 yacht. They discuss the yacht's sailing performance, safety features, and creature comforts, highlighting the boat's impressive design and capabilities.

During their test sail, Jeff and Matthew were impressed by the yacht's handling, stability, and motion, noting that it sailed smoothly even in rough conditions. They attributed the excellent performance to the twin rudders and square top mainsail, which enabled the yacht to tack with just the mainsail. The simple standing rigging setup, with no backstays to worry about, made sailing more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Oceanis 30.1 boasts a twin helm design, providing easy cockpit access and a comfortable position for the sailor. The helm pod features a flush-mounted B&G seven-inch display, a triton, and a bearing compass. The throttle is conveniently positioned for easy adjustments. The yacht is equipped with the upwind/downwind pack, which includes a square top main, fully battened, an overlapping genoa, and a lead car system for better light air sailing performance.

One of the most striking features of the yacht is the spacious lazarette, which provides ample storage space. The boat also offers a drop-down swim platform for added convenience. Safety features include outboard-mounted shrouds and grab rails on the cabin top.

The interior of the Oceanis 30.1 is designed for comfort and practicality, with plenty of natural light from the glass on the sides of the hull and cabin top, as well as overhead hatches. The yacht features two mirrored settees with a drop leaf table, offering flexibility and easy movement through the salon. There is abundant storage throughout the boat, a built-in nav station, and an office space. A full walk-in head, L-shaped galley, and two cabins provide additional comfort for those on board.

The 2021 Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 is a remarkable sailing yacht that offers excellent performance, safety features, and creature comforts. Its design, handling, and interior amenities make it an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile and enjoyable sailing experience.


Spec IDImperialMetric
Water Tank4,120kg9,100 lbs
Fresh Water Tank160L42 US Gal
DesignerPascal Conq
Interior DesignerNauta Design
CE CategoryB - 6, C - 8, D - 10B - 6, C - 8, D - 10
Comfort Ratio0.01
Capsize Ratio24.94
Hull Speed7.09 knots
Power/Weight1343.92 lbs/in
Length Overall9.53m31'3'
Length Hull8.99m29'6'
Length Waterline8.65m28'5'
Beam Max2.99m9'10'
Displacement1.20 - 2.30m3'11' - 7'7'
Displacement Shallow875kg1,929 lbs
Draught Standard1.88m6'2'
Draught Shallow1.30m4'3'
Ballast Standard973kg2,144 lbs
Ballast Shallow1,150kg2,535 lbs
Mast Length from Waterline Excluding Windex13.66m44'10'
Mainsail23.80m²256 sq/ft
Mainsail Furling18.80m²202 sq/ft
Jib15.70m²169 sq/ft
Genoa22.10m²238 sq/ft
Code 034.80m²374 sq/ft
Spinnaker70.00m²753 sq/ft
I - Foretriangle Height11.02m36'2'
J - Foretriangle Base3.87m12'8'
P - Mainsail Hoist10.81m35'6'
E - Mainsail Foot3.27m10'9'