Nordship 420DS

The Nordship 420DS is a customizable Danish cruising yacht known for its sleek design, quality build, and superior performance. Offering ample interior storage, a spacious cockpit, and various layout options, this yacht provides an enjoyable sailing experience. It starts at a price of 539,000 Euros ex-VAT.

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Quick Take

The Nordship 420DS is a Danish cruising yacht known for its versatility and customizability. This model made its world premiere at the Dusseldorf Boat Show and has since gained recognition for its sleek design, high performance, and quality build.

Design: The yacht is designed by renowned boat builder Lars Buchwald. It features a sleeker pilot house that draws inspiration from its larger versions. The yacht also has a raised coach roof that seamlessly transitions into a raised saloon, providing a distinctive design aesthetic.

Performance: Nordship prides itself on producing yachts that deliver on performance while also providing comfort. The 420DS has solid laminate below the waterline and a Divinycell foam core, contributing to its durability and performance. Its hull design features a low-slung ballast and a protective skeg for the rudder, ensuring good sailing qualities. The running rigging is designed to be easily managed, even single-handedly, making it ideal for couples or solo sailors.

Interior: The interior of the 420DS exudes quality, with a fresh varnish satin and mahogany finish. Its design includes substantial storage capacity, a feature that is highly appreciated in yachting. It also includes a generous main locker, a forward or aft galley, and the option for a double aft cabin. Depending on the owner's preferences, the boat can be configured to be a two or three-cabin boat.

Exterior: The exterior of the 420DS is designed with deep combings, providing ample protection and space in the cockpit. The deck fixtures and fittings are sturdy and well-finished, demonstrating the yacht's high build quality. The yacht's windows are double glazed, offering excellent insulation, which is especially beneficial in colder climates.

Customization Options: One of the standout features of the Nordship 420DS is the high level of customization it offers. Options range from the type of keel, number of rudders, to the kind of sails. Even the bulkheads, while laminated in, can be moved around to adjust the layout to the owner's liking. This degree of customization is usually only found in larger, super-yachts.

Pricing: The starting price for the Nordship 420DS is 539,000 Euros ex-VAT. While this may seem like a premium price, the high-quality build, customizable options, and the enjoyable sailing experience it offers make it a valuable investment.


Nordship Yachts

Nordship 420 DS - Full Tour

Here we have a comprehensive walkthrough of the Nordship Yards' new 420 model by the CEO, Thomas Hoco. This yacht, designed and crafted in Denmark, is a stellar example of modern boat engineering, combining high functionality with an array of customizable features.

The Nordship 420's exterior design emphasizes safety and ease of access. It sports a robust anchor system, a safe and secure entry ladder, and ample storage for mooring lines or shore power cables. The deck is furnished with standard cleats, a handrail for added safety, and a unique double cockpit design. The helm is well-equipped, featuring customizable plotter size, bow and stern thrusters, light controls, and comprehensive controls for the anchor, bilge pump, engine, and autopilot. The yacht's configuration allows all essential lines to be accessible from the helm, ensuring a clean deck space for guests.

The Nordship 420's interior is equally impressive, offering abundant storage and comfortable spaces for relaxation and entertainment. It boasts a seating group for six to eight people, a large table, dimmable LED lighting, and sizable windows for a 360-degree view. The yacht also provides an expansive aft cabin with ample wardrobes, good ventilation, and an option for a television. Additionally, the Nordship 420 has a well-equipped navigation area, a cozy evening saloon, and an accessible engine compartment.

The yacht's galley is designed for practicality and convenience, featuring a multitude of storage spaces, a fridge, a freezer, an oven, and an array of cabinets. The forward cabin houses a large skylight, a hanging locker, multiple drawers, and a bed that's two meters long. The forward heads are spacious, complete with a shower, heating, toiletries storage, and an electric toilet.

One of the Nordship 420's unique features is its technical room, which serves as a storage area for extra equipment and sailing gear. It also houses the technical installations for shore power.

Interestingly, the video also provided a peek into an unfinished Nordship 420, revealing the meticulous construction process. All bulkheads are laminated to the hull, enhancing the boat's stability and sailing capabilities. A full-size steel frame is positioned in the boat's center, onto which the keel is bolted. The hull is foam core until the waterline and solid laminate below, featuring a skeg for rudder support.

The Nordship 420 is a marvel of yacht design, blending safety, utility, and luxury. Its high degree of customization and attention to detail reaffirm Nordship Yards' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Interested individuals are encouraged to learn more about their offerings through their website.

Yachting World

Pure Quality: the new Nordship 420DS from the Danish deck saloon maestros

The video features a detailed review of the Nordship 420 DS by Toby Hodges from Yachting World magazine. The Nordship 420 DS, a customizable deck saloon Danish cruising yacht, makes its world premiere at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. This yacht stands out for its ability to be tailored to individual preferences, a feature that is typically found in much larger, super-yachts.

The Nordship 420 DS is designed by Lars Buchwald, a renowned designer and boat builder. The yacht has a sleeker style pilot house, a characteristic borrowed from its larger versions. Despite being built in a female mold, the yacht offers a myriad of options to its customers, from the type of Keel, number of Rudders, to the kind of sails. The running rigging is cleverly led up through the coach roof and comes aft to the winches by the wheels. The yacht is designed to be managed single-handedly, making it suitable for couples.

The yacht features a raised coach roof that merges into a raised saloon. It comes equipped with sturdy fixtures and fittings, both on deck and below, showcasing its high-quality finish. The cockpit offers ample protection and space, thanks to its deep combings.

The Nordship 420 DS boasts a substantial storage capacity. Its main Locker is particularly generous. The interior of the boat is finished with fresh varnish satin and mahogany, exuding an air of quality and freshness. The bulkheads, while laminated, can be moved around to accommodate the owner's preferences. For instance, the boat can feature a forward or aft Galley and a double aft cabin. The boat can be configured to be a two or three Cabin boat.

The yacht is built with a Divinycell foam core and a solid laminate below the waterline for added durability. The hull below the waterline also features a skeg that provides additional support to the Rudder. The windows of the Nordship 420 DS are double glazed, which offers superior insulation, especially in the northern climates.

The Nordship 420 DS starts at 539,000 Euros ex-VAT. Despite the premium price, it offers exceptional value for money given its high-quality build and customizable features. It demonstrates the fine craftsmanship of Nordship, a company that prides itself on building yachts that not only provide volume and comfort but also deliver on performance and enjoyable sailing experiences.

SV TONIC_BoatWives

NORDSHIP 420DS 2023 WORLD EXCLUSIVE centre cockpit

The reviewer kicks off the video with an interview with the CEO of Nordship, Thomas Hogart, who explains the company's approach to boat building, setting them apart from other ship manufacturers.

Hogart explains that Nordship prides itself on being true boat builders, continuing the tradition of building in a conventional manner. The boats are built with laminated bulkheads directly onto the hull, with no inner liners, providing flexibility in terms of positioning. This flexibility allows for customization to suit individual customer requirements, such as a longer berth or location of the galley. This customization is even possible in their small range of boats.

Nordship's commitment to in-house production was highlighted, with the hull lamination, woodwork, and finishing all being done in their facility in Denmark. The CEO emphasized Nordship's commitment to sailing pleasure and comfort. He shared how their raised deck saloon offers a comfortable, secure space even in terrible weather conditions.

The reviewer then embarked on a thorough walk-through of the yacht, starting from the aft deck. He admired the boat's teak construction, solid stainless steel rails, and safety features like the sturdy stainless steel toe rails. The cockpit layout was praised for its security and convenience, with easy access to the mainsheet traveler and engine controls.

The interior of the yacht was described as having a spacious and well-thought-out design. It houses a 100-liter fridge, a double sink, and an optional gimbaled stove or induction cooktop in the kitchen area. The forward heads included an electric flush toilet, Corian worktops, and a separate shower. The yacht also featured a forward double v-berth and a large hanging locker.

Behind the companionway, there was another seating area and access to the engine and other systems. The aft double cabin or owner's cabin was spacious with plenty of storage and ventilation, and it had its own heads and sink.

The reviewer praised the yacht's large, swept-back keel and the massive single Spade rudder, predicting a lot of feeling and great contact with the water. The Nordship yacht was concluded to be a robust, well-made boat, perfect for those seeking a blend of tradition, luxury, and customization.


Spec IDImperialMetric
Fresh Water Tank370l100 gallons
Water Tank10.500kg23150 pounds
Hull Speed7.98 knots
Power/Weight2479 lbs/in
Length Overall12.80m41.99ft
Length Waterline10.80m35.43ft
Beam of Hull4.00m13.12ft
Draught Standard1.90m6.23ft
Ballast3.600kg7400 pounds
Mainsail50 m2538 sq ft
Jib34 m2366 sq ft